ACBL Board of Governors

Teachers and Club Owners Committee Documents

Committee Charter:
MOTION 163-B2 Composition of District BoG Representation: The BoG Chair shall appoint a sub-committee to determine how the BoG may better represent sanction holders/club managers, teachers, and member players interests.
CARRIED (Orlando 2016)
REAPPOINTED (Hawaii 2018) until Dec 2020. 

Member Contact Information
By giving voice to teachers and club owners viewpoints, priorities, and proposals we hope to improve results against key growth priorities:
-     Membership,
-     # of club tables played per year, and
-     Attendance at ACBL tournaments.
Our charter extends through December 2020. We gather inputs from teachers and club owners, work to improve the Board of Governors deliberation process itself, and identify opportunities for the Board of Governors and the Board of Directors to collaborate on issues of interest to teachers and club owners.

Committee Document Library
Date (Link) Title/Description
14 APR 2019 Conference Call Minutes
24 MAR 2019 BoG Update from the Committee
26 FEB 2019 Conference Call Minutes
22 JAN 2019 Conference Call Minutes
11 DEC 2018 Conference Call Minutes
25 NOV 2018 Board of Governors Meeting Committee Update
23 OCT 2018 Conference Call Minutes
25 SEP 2018 Conference Call Minutes
28 AUG 2018 Conference Call Minutes
26 JUL 2018 Presentation to Board of Directors Strategy Workshop - Atlanta NABC
26 JUN 2018 Conference Call Minutes
22 MAY 2018 Conference Call Minutes
23 APR 2018 Conference Call Minutes
11 MAR 2018 Board of Governors Meeting Committee Update
13 FEB 2018 Conference Call Minutes
23 JAN 2018 Conference Call Minutes
26 DEC 2017 no link Meeting Cancelled
11 DEC 2017 REACH-1 Analytics Link
29 NOV 2017 Report to the Committee from San Diego BoG Meeting
18 NOV 2017 Teacher and Club Manager Committee Report to the Board of Governors San Diego
13 NOV 2017 On limiting or controlling sanctions
24 OCT 2017 Conference Call Minutes
16 OCT 2017 Committee Response to Special Games
10 OCT 2017 Committee Notes on Limiting Sanctions
  3 OCT 2017 Committee Response to 10 Big Ideas
19 SEP 2017 Club Segmentation Model Proposal
19 SEP 2017 Teacher and Club Manager Attributes
19 SEP 2017 Committee Conference Call Minutes
22 AUG 2017 Committee Conference Call Minutes
23 JUL 2017 Board of Governors Meeting Details - Link to ACBL BoG Meeting Page
23 JUL 2017 Draft BoG Survey Summary
22 JUL 2017 BoG Teachers & Club Managers Committee Slide Presentation to Board of Directors
22 JUL 2017 Kevin Lane's Presentation to BoD 7/22/17 Toronto
27 JUN 2017 no link Meeting Minutes - Not summarized - discussed review of survey data and presentation plans in July/Toronto
23 MAY 2017 Covernote for Survey - Phase I
23 MAY 2017 Meeting Minutes
9 MAY 2017 Meeting Minutes
25 APR 2917 Action Steps for meeting (Meeting Postponed to 9 May 2017)
24 APR 2017 Note to Bob Heller
29 MAR 2017 Meeting Minutes 28 MAR 2017
28 MAR 2017 eMail compilation of responses to R Popper's Introduction to this Committee
28 MAR 2017 Meeting Agenda
REF  28 OCT 2016 ACBL Club Outreach Research Summary.  In-depth interviews among more successful clubs
REF   6 OCT 2016 ACBL Trust Survey
REF   JUL 2015 Club Owner ACBL Survey
25 MAR 2017 Final Revision - First Letter of Introduction   Our Commmittee to Teachers and Club Owners by Richard Popper
2 MAR 2017 Improving Stakeholder Representation.  This summary with process diagrams was submitted tot he Board fo Governors at the last minute and failed to make the meeting packet.  This summarizes some of our conference discussion and outlines some of the structural weakness in the current governance process.  Further sharing beyond this committee will depend on the Committee's assessment of it's value. 
28 FEB 2017 DRAFT QUESTIONNAIRE This version includes a comprehensive set of attitudinal and classification questions.  It is too long to complete in one Survey Monkey session, and too long to ensure a high rate of participation (40-60% of target respondents). We intend to break this into at least 3 waves. 
28 FEB 2017 Meeting Minutes
28 FEB 2017 Meeting Agenda
24 JAN 2017 Meeting Minutes
24 JAN 2017 Meeting Agenda
12 JAN 2017 Original DRAFT Issue Statement for Committee Deliberation