District 11 District 11 ACBL Reports
ACBL Board of Directors and ACBL Board of Governors

Board of Directors Documents can be found at:  https://www.acbl.org/about-acbl/administration/board-of-directors/meeting-motions-and-minutes/ 
The ACBL shares electronic files used in the Board of Governor's Meeting at http://www.acbl.org/bog-meeting-docs/

YEAR ACBL Board of Directors ACBL Board of Governors BoG Recordings
2019 Spring Memphis
Summer Las Vegas
Fall San Francisco
Spring Memphis
-ExecDir Report
-Special Events Report
-Spring Membership Statistics
-Club Tables Report
-BoG Financial Report

-Litigation Report
-Gidwani Arbitration Ruling
-Memphis Motions
-Codification Clean-up
-Excerpts from BoD Memphis

-Letter from Richard Popper
-Governance Task Force Graphic
-Governance Framework
-Nominating Committee
-Impact on ByLaws
Summer Atlanta Winter San Francisco Spring
2018 Spring Philadelphia
Summer Atlanta
Winter Honolulu
Spring  Philadelphia
- CEO Report
- Litigation Report
- Treasurer Report
- Financials
- BoD Motions
- BoD Actions
- BoG Motion 1
- BoG Motion 2
- BoG Motion 3
- BoG Motion 4
Summer Atlanta
- BoG Agenda
- Executive Director Report

- Table Counts YTD
- Membershp Trend Report
- Finances
- Litigation Report
- Chair Report to BoG
(See summary above for specfic BoG motions). 
Winter Honolulu
- BoG Agenda
- Executive Director Report
- Club Table Counts YTD
- Tournament Table Counts YTD
- Active Membership Statistics
- ACBL Financials YTD
- BoG Financial Report
- Litigation Report
- BoG Analytics Committee Status
- BoG Teacher+Clubs Committee Status
- Draft Minutes (BoD Hawaii Actions)
- 183-Motion-ADBC-Membership-Meeting-Agenda

2017 Spring Kansas City MO
Summer Toronto ON
Fall San Diego CA

Summer  D11e-mail
Fall Report
- Meeting Agenda
- CEO Report

- Technology Report
- Litigation Report

-Treasurer Report
- Financials
- Privacy Policy Update
- BoD Motions (Pre)
- BoD Actions

2016 Spring Reno NV
Summer Washington DC
Fall Orlando FL

Fall MP3
2015 Spring New Orleans LA
Summer Chicago IL
Fall Denver CO

2014 Spring Dallas TX
Summer Las Vegas NV
Fall Providence RI
N/A     N/A
2013 Spring St Louis MO
Summer Atlanta GA
Fall Phoenix AZ
N/A     N/A
2012 Spring Memphis TN
Summer Philadelphia PA
Fall San Francisco CA
N/A     N/A
2011 Spring Louisville KY
Summer Toronto ON
Fall Seattle WA
N/A     N/A

Additional ACBL Information/span>
Kansas City MO Spring NABC - ACBL Strategic Review

ACBL Fees 2000 to present -
by A. beth Reid at the June 2016 District 11 Board of Directors Meeting.
ACBL 2015 Membership Data by District and Unit -
This is the December 2015 Summary QUIP Report.
Update from the ACBL Chief Marketing Officer - Alex Turner
District 11 President's Memo to ACBL Board of Directors President, Mr. Ken Monzingo

Special Board of Governor's Financial Report on the ACBL

Recruiting New Bridge Players and ACBL Members - What works best?