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2021 D11 Finals
2860 Cooper Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Ryan Schultz
Flight B (<2500)
Saturday Oct 16, 2021 (2-sessions) 12 Noon      5:00 PM
Flight A & C (< 500, NLM)*
Sunday Oct 17, 2021 (2-sessions) 11 AM         4:00 PM

NAP Subsidies

Event Place/Flight Subsidy Comments
NAP 1st Place, A/B/C
$700 per individual from the ACBL
Paid by ACBL (check) at the playing site. The 2022 NAP will be held in March at the Reno NV NABC.
2nd Place, A/B/C
$300 per individual from the ACBL
3rd Place, A/B/C
$200 per individual from District 11
Paid by District 11 after the event with proof of participation.  D11 Subsidy Schedule
4th Place, B/C
$150 per individual from District 11


YearDate FlightResults
Hand Records

2021 Oct 16 Saturday B MORN  AFT See ACBL Live  Final Results ACBL Details
Oct 17 Sunday  A MORN  AFT  See ACBL Live  Final Results 
Oct 17 Sunday  C      
2019 Oct 19 Saturday B MORN AFT See ACBL Live  Final Results ACBL Details  
Oct 20 Sunday A MORN AFT See ACBL Live  Final Results
Oct 20 Sunday C MORN AFT See ACBL Live  Final Results
2018 Oct 28 Sunday A MORN AFT AM  PM Final Results ACBL Details              
Oct 28 Sunday B MORN AFT AM  PM Final Results
Sep 23 Sunday C MORN AFT AM  PM Final Results ACBL Details               Flyer
2017 Nov 4 Saturday B AFT  EVE See ACBL Live Final Results ACBL Details             Flyer
Nov 5 Sunday A AFT  EVE See ACBL Live
Nov 5 Sunday C AFT  EVE
2016 Oct 22 Saturday B AFT    EVE AFT    EVE Final Results ACBL Details              Flyer
Oct 23 Sunday A AM    PM  AFT    EVE
Oct 23 Sunday C AM    PM
2015 Nov 14 Saturday B
Final Results
ACBL Details              Flyer
Nov 15 Sunday A&C
2014 Oct 11 Saturday
AFT    EVE Final Results
ACBL Details              Flyer
Oct 12 Sunday
A&C AM     AFT AM    AFT
2013 Oct 19 SaturdayB AFT    EVEAFT    EVEFinal ResultsACBL Details              Flyer
Oct 20 SundayA&C AM    AFTAM    AFT
Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue the split District 11 Finals for different flights on different days. Please see the FAQ below for more details.

Part of the beauty of duplicate bridge is that it allows us to enjoy the game at our own pace. Many of us love to play at the club level, and some prefer tournament-level games, or even national events.

The North American Pairs, or NAP, is a special opportunity to give that “next level” a try. The District 11 Board and the Cincinnati Bridge Association would like to invite you to participate in the NAP District Finals at the Cincinnati Bridge Center (October 16 & 17, 2021).

How exactly does the NAP work? You may have heard of the NAP, or even “qualified” at a local club game, but you may still have questions. . . . Hopefully, we can provide some answers.

Q: What is the NAP?

A: The NAP event has been a major ACBL pair championship since 1979 and was originally known as the Grand National Pairs. After several qualifying stages, it culminates in a national final held in conjunction with the Spring NABC, which will be held next in Reno NV March 2022.

Q: How is the event structured? How many pairs move on to the NAP Finals in Dallas?
A: The contest has three Flights: Flight A (open); Flight B (fewer than 2500 masterpoints); and Flight C (non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints). Our District will send the top 3 pairs in Flight A and the top 4 in Flight B and Flight C from the District Finals on to the NABC Finals.

Q: What are the “split” District Finals you referred to?

A: All 3 Flights did not hold their District Finals on the same day. The Finals for Flight B will be Saturday, October 16, and the Finals for Flights A and C will be Sunday, October 17. Times are shown above.The 2021 NAP District Finals will be at the Cincinnati Bridge Center, 2860 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241.


Q: Does that mean I can play in the District Finals in more than one Flight?
A: Yes! Of course, you need to be under the masterpoint limit in your Flight, and you must have qualified at an NAPQ club game held in June through August 2021 (more on that below), but you may play in the District Final in Flights A and B or in Flights B and C. However, a person or pair may represent a district in only one flight at the national level, so if you happen to place in the Top 3 in multiple Flights at the District Finals, you will have to choose a Flight in which to compete in the NABC Finals.

Q: I expect to make Life Master soon. I am ineligible for Flight C?
A: The cutoff date for determining eligibility for the NAP is the June masterpoint cycle. This means that masterpoints won after May 6  will NOT affect your eligibility for a particular Flight. In other words, if you weren’t a Life Master on May 6, you’re eligible for Flight C. Similarly, if you didn’t reach the 2500 masterpoint level as of May 6, you’re eligible for Flight B. Check your June Bridge Bulletin for your masterpoint total that counts for NAP eligibility.

Q: What’s the deal with these “qualifying” games at my club?
A: To play in the District Finals in Cincinnati, you must “qualify” at a local club anywhere in the District. NAP Qualifying games may be held twice per month at each club during the months of June, July, and August. To qualify for a particular Flight at your club, you must finish in the top 50% of that section (rounded up and including ties); in addition, any pair with at least an “average” score not in the top half of a section also qualifies.

Q: Why do I have to pay more for these “qualifying” games?
A: The ACBL sanction fee is increased for these games, so that’s why most clubs charge a bit more. However, NAP qualifying games are “100% sectionally rated,” paying 50/50 red / black points. This means that winners get triple the points than they typically would at a “regular” club game. For an additional buck, it’s really one of the best deals around!


Q: Do I have to play in the District finals with a player I qualified with at the club level?
A: No, club level qualification is earned as an individual and not as a partnership. You may play in club qualifying games with as many different partners as desired. Both members of a partnership must, of course, be individually qualified at the club level to play together at the District Finals in Cincinnati.

Q: Is there a Unit qualifying event?

A: Some Districts have separate qualifying events at the Unit level; our District has eliminated the Unit final, qualifying individuals directly from the club level to the District Finals.

Q: Do the winners of the District Finals receive any financial support?
Yes! The first place winners of the District Finals in each Flight will receive $700 per person, and the second place winners receive $300 per person. These awards are paid directly from the ACBL at the tournament site. Our District provides a $200 per person award to the third place winners in each Flight, and $150 to fourth place finishers in Flights B and C.

Q: If my partner and I finish in the Top 3 or 4 in our Flight, do we have to go to the Spring NABC?
A: We’re not sure why you wouldn’t, as it’s a real honor to participate in the National NAP Finals. However, if for some reason you or your partner can’t make it (and there are no substitutions allowed), please let the ACBL know so they can extend an invitation to the next place finisher in your Flight.

Q: What color points do the NAP District Finals award?
A: It’s a little complicated: the District Finals pay red points for session awards, gold points for section tops in Flights A and B (red in Flight C), and gold for overall awards (25% gold/75% red for Flight C).

Q: What are the District Finals like?
A: The NAP District 11 Finals are conducted as a two-session pairs event. You must play in both sessions. Flight A finals will be a Mitchell movement in the morning and a Howell movement in the afternoon (attendance permitting) to  provide more head-to-head play and a fairer overall result.  Flights B&C will be Mitchell movements throughout.

If you have any questions about the NAP, please feel free to contact our District NAP/GNT Coordinator, Ryan Schultz schultzrr@gmail.com  
2021 NAP FiInals




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