17 March 2019

We here in Unit 136 (Miami Valley Bridge Association - Dayton) are happy to celebrate our good friend Cindy VanVliet.  Cindy made Life Master at the Indianapolis Regional this year.  With Mr. Brian VanVliet they placed 2nd in the Compact Knockout early in the week.  The WON the Gold Rush Pairs! Finally they tied 3rd/4th in the Open 2-day Knockout Teams! Those 30+ Masterpoints put her over with a BANG! on Feb 3.

To Cindy we dedicate this tribute to out lM journey.  Kathy Gerend-Mekingin of CIncinnati and I co-produced this anthem -- performed a the Dayton Regional as the Gala Finale showpiece on Feb 3, 1979 -- exactly 40 years before Cindy's success (apologies to Frank Sinatra).

"MY WAY"- by Kathy Gerend-Meinking and Russel Shoup (apologies to Frank Sinatra).

At last -- my gold card's here -- and so I finally made Life Master!!
Partner, you made it clear, I sholda done it a whole lot faster.

I've playeed every bridge game from albuquer-k-k-k-kee to Broadway --
But more, much more than this, I bid it "MY WAY".

I've psyched, I've screamed, I've cried -- I had some wins, my share of losing.
But now, as tears subside, I find it all so damn amusing!
To think I did all that, and may I say not in a shy way --
I felt sadistic glee - when I bid it "MY WAY"

For there were hands too tough to take, when I bid more than I could make.
But through it all, when I looked set, I tried the play to make it yet.
I faced bad splits - I wouldn't quits! I played it "MY WAY"

Revokes? - did quite a few.  I've lost to teams I durst not mention.
Took huge sets when taking sacs - I barged to slams over preemptions.
I've T-A-A-A-A-nked when being Squ-E-E-E-E-zed, I thought through every card I played
And when they're on the hook, I doubled "MY WAY".

What is a player?  What have you got? If not yourself, then you have naught.
To bid the slams you feel you'll get -- to SMASH the games you hope to set.
These are the facts of the Reds and Blacks - I did it "MY WAY".

For Bridge is LIFE -- and here's the plot: Through thick and thin give your best shot.
Remember well what you've learned here - Just love our game and hold it dear.
Now take a stand - I know you can! Just bid it "YOUR WAY"