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Units:         117          122         124          130          136          164           193           227 Rev: 4 Feb 2020
Unit 117 Officers (District 11) LOUISVILLE
Title  Name  email
President Hannah R Davis bama426@aol.com
Vice President Mr Norman Smith forspades@msn.com
Secretary Patricia Barber patbsmma@gmail.com
Treasurer Denise Tonini ddtonini@gmail.com
Electronic Contact Patricia Barber patbsmma@gmail.com
Tournament Coordinator Patricia Barber patbsmma@gmail.com
STaC Coordinator William Toutant bill.toutant@gmail.com
Webmaster William Toutant bill.toutant@gmail.com
Business Manager Denise Tonini ddtonini@gmail.com
Hospitality Chair Jean J Donoho jjdonoho@twc.com
Education Liaison Robert Losey rllosey@gmail.com
Unit 117 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors   Hannah R Davis bama426@aol.com
Board of Directors   Mr Norman Smith forspades@msn.com
Board of Directors   Patricia Barber patbsmma@gmail.com
Board of Directors   Denise Tonini ddtonini@gmail.com
Board of Directors Robert Losey rllosey@gmail.com
Board of Directors Hannah R Davis bama426@aol.com
Board of Directors Susan Finnegan susan.finnegan@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Janet Vowels ervjkv@aol.com
Board of Directors Freida Trower fstrower@gmail.com
Board of Directors Joanne Traver joannetraver@hotmail.com
Board of Directors Dorothy Losey dotty.losey@gmail.com
Board of Directors Jean J Donoho jjdonoho@twc.com
Board of Directors Kay Omanson kayomanson@gmail.com
Board of Directors Judy Geralds judygeralds@twc.com
Board of Directors Patricia Barber patbsmma@gmail.com
Board of Directors Terri M Chandler kabote@icloud.com
Board of Directors Bruce Ebanks ebanks1950@gmail.com
Board of Directors Judy Banks jbanks1943@aol.com
Board of Directors Ms Carolyn H Carpenter carpentercarolyn@bellsouth.net
Board of Directors Christopher Overpeck kitoverpeck@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Denise Tonini ddtonini@gmail.com
Board of Directors John Peake  
Unit 122 Officers (District 11) COLUMBUS  
Title  Name  email
President Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Vice President Howard Sanders sanders1092@gmail.com
Secretary Paul Grygier p_grygier@email.com 
Treasurer Cynthia Windsor cyn1977@gmail.com
Electronic Contact Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Tournament Coordinator Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Membership Chair Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Webmaster Tim Kohl kohltp@icloud.com
NAP Coordinator Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
GNT Coordinator Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Unit 122 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Toni Bales frodo3316@aol.com
Board of Directors Frank Paynter paynterf@gmail.com
Board of Directors Janet Cordova janetluck2@gmail.com
Board of Directors Howard Sanders sanders1092@gmail.com
Board of Directors Cynthia Windsor cyn1977@gmail.com
Board of Directors Cheryl L Schneider jac2nt@aol.com
Board of Directors Lewis Rakocy lrakocy@gmail.com
Board of Directors Tom Bishel tbp34wosu@gmail.com
Board of Directors Janelle Courtright jcourtr3@columbus.rr.com
Board of Directors Judy Williamson judyw@columbus.rr.com
Board of Directors Patricia Jones tjones9720@sbcglobal.net
Board of Directors Paul Grygier p_grygier@email.com
Board of Directors Peter Wahl wahl3464@msn.com
Board of Directors Joe Wernet joewernet3@yahoo.com
Unit 124 Officers (District 11) CINCINNATI  
Title  Name  email
President Nalin Mehta nhmehta247@gmail.com
Vice President Potter Orr potter@orrcomputer.com
Secretary Stephen Moese stephenmoese@gmail.com
Treasurer Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com
Electronic Contact Stephen Moese stephenmoese@gmail.com
Tournament Coordinator Terry Brausch tbrausch@gmail.com
Membership Chair Stephen Messinger smessinger9063@gmail.com
STaC Coordinator Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com
Webmaster Stephen Moese stephenmoese@gmail.com
Publicity Chair A J Stephani ajstephani@gmail.com
Education Liaison Larry Newman ltpbridge@gmail.com
NAP Coordinator Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com
GNT Coordinator Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com
Unit 124 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Stephen Moese stephenmoese@gmail.com
Board of Directors Nalin Mehta nhmehta247@gmail.com
Board of Directors Mike Burns rmikeburnsi@gmail.com
Board of Directors Mrs Brenda J Mehalko brenda.mehalko@fuse.net
Board of Directors Potter Orr potter@orrcomputer.com
Board of Directors Thomas Mess tmess7023@gmail.com
Board of Directors John Williams williajp@miamioh.edu
Board of Directors Stephen Messinger smessinger9063@gmail.com
Board of Directors Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com
Unit 130 Officers (District 11) INDIANAPOLIS  
Title  Name  email
President Maribeth Ransel marjoeransel@live.com
Vice President Elizabeth Brown lab1613@aol.com
Secretary Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
Treasurer Pam Strack pamstrack1@gmail.com
Electronic Contact Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
Tournament Coordinator Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
Membership Chair Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
STaC Coordinator Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
Webmaster John Nichols john@j-s-nichols.com
Business Manager Pam Strack pamstrack1@gmail.com
Publicity Chair Henry Boch henry.boch@gmail.com
Hospitality Chair Joan Flynn jlflynn123@comcast.net
IN Coordinator Ellen Simon ebsimon67@gmail.com
Charity Chair Brenda Lashbrook blashbrook2@gmail.com
Education Liaison Jerry Brelage bandbbees@peoplepc.com
NAP Coordinator Mark Rexroth mark@cd-com.com
GNT Coordinator Judy Sosin jlsosin@sbcglobal.net
Unit 130 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Maribeth Ransel marjoeransel@live.com
Board of Directors Elizabeth Brown lab1613@aol.com
Board of Directors Mr Domenico Sneider domenico59@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Pam Strack pamstrack1@gmail.com
Board of Directors Judy Sosin jlsosin@sbcglobal.net
Board of Directors Mark Rexroth mark@cd-com.com
Board of Directors Lisa Ranck whoabill55@att.net
Board of Directors Henry Boch henry.boch@gmail.com
Board of Directors Howard E Bowers howardbower@comcast.net
Board of Directors Elizabeth Brown lab1613@aol.com
Board of Directors Peggy Kramer margaretkramer@ymail.com
Board of Directors Ellen Simon ebsimon67@gmail.com
Board of Directors Sheila Baker bakers7935@att.net
Board of Directors Brenda Lashbrook blashbrook2@gmail.com
Board of Directors Maribeth Ransel marjoeransel@live.com
Board of Directors Jerry Brelage bandbbees@peoplepc.com
Unit 136 Officers (District 11) DAYTON  
Title  Name  email
President Georgia Banziger gbanzi@sbcglobal.net
Vice President Joseph Camillus joe44c@gmail.com
Secretary Mrs Ilse O Tebbetts  
Treasurer David Kennedy dpkjaycee62@gmail.com
Electronic Contact Georgia Banziger gbanzi@sbcglobal.net
Tournament Coordinator Georgia Banziger gbanzi@sbcglobal.net
Membership Chair Georgia Banziger gbanzi@sbcglobal.net
STaC Coordinator Tom Coyle stkpikrtom@aol.com
Webmaster Georgia Banziger gbanzi@sbcglobal.net
Hospitality Chair Anita Brand anitabrand14@gmail.com
Charity Chair Tom Coyle stkpikrtom@aol.com
Education Liaison Wayne O'Connor wandmoconnorpb@yahoo.com
NAP Coordinator Tom Coyle stkpikrtom@aol.com
GNT Coordinator Tom Coyle stkpikrtom@aol.com
Unit 136 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Anita Brand anitabrand14@gmail.com
Board of Directors Steven Forsythe majslf@aol.com
Board of Directors Stefanie Stitt sginger@att.net
Board of Directors Judith K Simmons judys1938@sbcglobal.net
Board of Directors Stuart Petersen stu76ks@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Lori Harner laharner64@gmail.com
Board of Directors James Rachal j.rachal@att.net
Board of Directors Joyce Dennis mjdfbn@gmail.com
Board of Directors Mrs Ilse O Tebbetts  
Board of Directors Tom Coyle stkpikrtom@aol.com
Board of Directors David Kennedy dpkjaycee62@gmail.com
Board of Directors Marilyn Gans mgans47147@aol.com
Board of Directors Joseph Camillus joe44c@gmail.com
Board of Directors Sandi Rachal sprachal@att.net
Unit 164 Officers (District 11)  LEXINGTON  
Title  Name  email
President Mrs Andra L Gyor andra.gyor@gmail.com
Vice President Darryl Bennett dgbinbox@twc.com
Secretary Ellen Hume ellen.hume@outlook.com
Treasurer James Addleton jaddleton@hisle-cpa.com
Electronic Contact Mrs Andra L Gyor andra.gyor@gmail.com
Tournament Coordinator Mrs Andra L Gyor andra.gyor@gmail.com
Webmaster Michael McCann michael_j_mccann@msn.com
IN Coordinator Mrs Andra L Gyor andra.gyor@gmail.com
Unit 164 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Darryl Bennett dgbinbox@twc.com
Board of Directors John Kennedy j3ek@aol.com
Board of Directors Norma Greely ngreely@aol.com
Board of Directors Mrs Andra L Gyor andra.gyor@gmail.com
Board of Directors Melena VanArsdall melenavan1@gmail.com
Board of Directors Bradley Beck bradleybeck15@gmail.com
Board of Directors Mike Proctor av-8r@yahoo.com
Board of Directors James Addleton jaddleton@hisle-cpa.com
Board of Directors Susan Dance sgdance42@gmail.com
Board of Directors Mina Hedayati minapsy1@gmail.com
Board of Directors Ellen Hume ellen.hume@outlook.com
Board of Directors Robert Korten rkorten@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Ms Pat C Matheny matheny.j@windstream.net
Board of Directors Dr Terrell W Holt tholt41@twc.com
Unit 193 Officers (District 11)  EVANSVILLE  
Title  Name  email
President Jeffrey Chapman jordchapman@bellsouth.net
Vice President Julia Mesplay juleshem@gmail.com
Secretary Patricia Probst plprobst@aol.com
Treasurer Richard Sarles rsarles@yahoo.com
Electronic Contact Beverly Nikolajewski
Tournament Coordinator Dale Hill hill4686@roadrunner.com
Membership Chair Marsha Hardesty hardesty.m@gmail.com
STaC Coordinator Dale Hill hill4686@roadrunner.com
Webmaster Bernard Kay bernardkay43@gmail.com
Publicity Chair Mrs Billie K Brown raymondbjaco78@wowway.com
Hospitality Chair David Lilly dvlilly49@gmail.com
IN Coordinator Jo Anne Miley jolesmiley@wowway.com
Charity Chair Mrs Jeanne I Hines jhines@trover.org
Education Liaison Jeffrey Chapman jordchapman@bellsouth.net
NAP Coordinator Dale Hill hill4686@roadrunner.com
GNT Coordinator Dale Hill hill4686@roadrunner.com
Unit 193 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors David Lilly dvlilly49@gmail.com
Board of Directors Richard Sarles rsarles@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Terry Brown docbrown69@bluemarble.net
Board of Directors Toni Kimmel teagleson@hotmail.com
Board of Directors Jeffrey Chapman jordchapman@bellsouth.net
Board of Directors Patricia Probst plprobst@aol.com
Board of Directors Mrs Billie K Brown raymondbjaco78@wowway.com
Board of Directors Charlotte Moore cmoore@centurypm.com
Board of Directors Martha Wrona mbwrona@gmail.com
Board of Directors Elbert Moore moorefarms1@netzero.com
Board of Directors Neal Franklin nealfranklin1@att.net
Board of Directors Dale Hill hill4686@roadrunner.com
Board of Directors Mrs Jeanne I Hines jhines@trover.org
Board of Directors Julia Mesplay juleshem@gmail.com
Board of Directors Joseph E Franklin Jr jef.franklin@att.net
Unit 227 Officers (District 11) WEST VIRGINIA  
Title  Name  email
President William Sentman wjsmt@yahoo.com
Vice President Dora Kay Grubb doracumc@yahoo.com
Secretary Ellen Olson olson.wv@suddenlink.net
Treasurer James Olson olson.wv@suddenlink.net
Electronic Contact James Olson olson.wv@suddenlink.net
Tournament Coordinator William Sentman wjsmt@yahoo.com
Unit 227 BOD
Title  Name  email
Board of Directors Mary H Boyd  
Board of Directors James Olson olson.wv@suddenlink.net
Board of Directors Barbara Jones brjonesphd@aol.com
Board of Directors Bennie Shields benniejs@windstream.net
Board of Directors Mary Jo Brick maryjobrick@frontier.com
Board of Directors Mrs Bessie Haley  
Board of Directors William Sentman wjsmt@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Ellen Olson olson.wv@suddenlink.net
Board of Directors Dora Kay Grubb doracumc@yahoo.com
Board of Directors Lynn Cundy lcundy49@gmail.com