November 12, 2011     Louisville/Lexington Regional                                                                      
Attendance: 20
Unit 117:  Vangie Smith, Christopher Overbeck         Unit 136: Jan Gimbrone,  Dallas Moore
Unit 122:  Larry Jones, Cheryl Schneider                   Unit 164:  Susan Bullard, Terrell Holt
Unit 124:  Barbara Levinson, A. J. Stephani               Unit 130:  Judy Drejer, Brad Bartol                        
Unit 227:                                                                     Unit 193:  John Lawler, Ron Sievers (omitted from sign-in sheet but did attend)

Also present:  Bill Sentman, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  Treasurer, Adrienne Netherwood;  A. Beth Reid, ACBL District Representative; Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator; Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Chairman;   Potter Orr, Recorder; Anita Torrence, Unit 122
The meeting began at 5:15 PM with President Bill Sentman presiding. He asked that everyone sign-in and  introduce themselves.
SECRETARY’S REPORT   Nancy Sachs stated the minutes of the last meeting are posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached)  Vangie Smith moved and Anita Torrence seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.  
TREASURER’S  REPORT.    Adrienne Netherwood reported  that the total cash balance is $25,156.78. The District balance is $22,687.87 and the Midwest Monitor checking balance is $2,468.91.  We had a total of $2,109.62 increases in cash and a total  decrease of $536.26.  Cheryl Schneider moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the report be approved as written.  Passed unanimously. (Copy attached)
DISTRICT  DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid does not have a report, because there has not been a meeting of the ACBL Board of Directors since the last District Meeting.  She discussed the “Strength of Field” issue, which is a masterpoint reward change.   This information is listed on the District web site. 
 MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor.  It was recommended that we increase the Editor’s
salary, which is $700 per quarter.  Adrienne Netherwood reported on this.  The new format requires a great deal of work and there has not been a raise in salary since 2003.  He is also running   STaC to benefit the Monitor.  There is a possibility that if we raise the salary, the Unit fees may have to be increased.  A discussion followed.  Terrell Holt moved and Anita Torrence seconded that we raise the salary $300 per quarter to $1000.  Motion passed.
.TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2012-2016 schedules.  (Copies attached)  The dates were reviewed and there were many conflicts. He requested that all Units check  the district schedules and the ACBL Web Site before applying for a sanction.   Indianapolis wishes to change the time of year for holding their Regional.  This was discussed and the Board felt that we can’t do this,  because we need to have a Regional in each quarter.  Also, there would be too much time between the fall and spring regionals.  Kit Overbeck submitted a report on the Regional Events and recommendations for the stratifications  (Copy attached).   It is recommended that we have one primary event each day.  There should not be two Intermediate/Novice events on the same day. Brad Bartol discussed the upcoming Midwest Monitor STaC.  Cheryl Schneider  recommended that the strats be the same for all sites throughout our District.  It was suggested the following strats for the NLM games:  A- 200-500; B - 50-200; C- 0-50.   It is recommended that we consider running the Gold Rush Swiss on a Win/Loss format so that a greater number of teams win points. A.J. Stephani  moved  and Brad Bartol seconded that these suggestions be implemented, whenever possible.  Passed unanimously.    There was a discussion concerning the number of teams in each Flight in a Knockout event.  There is a concern about the top flight having considerably fewer teams than the other flights.   A. J. Stephani will be the Tournament  Coordinator  beginning  after this meeting. He asked for your cooperation and recommendations during this transition.  Bob Lyon was thanked for his dedication and hard work as Tournament Coordinator. 
NAP/GNT   Bill Higgins, District Chairman reported that Cincinnati will continue to host the NAP District Finals.  There was a discussion concerning the host for the GNT District Finals and having it be hosted on a rotating basis.  Terrell Holt for the Lexington Unit distributed a proposal for their site.  In addition Dayton, Indianapolis, and Columbus are interested in being part of the rotation.  Units who want to be a part of this rotation should notify the GNT Coordinator and the sites will be determined at the next meeting.   Vangie Smith moved and Terrell Holt seconded that we begin the rotation in 2014 in Lexington.   Passed unanimously.  Bill Higgins announced that he is resigning from this position and it needs to be filled.   Bill Sentman  appointed  Kit Overbeck to this position beginning in 2012.  Bill Higgins was thanked for his dedication and hard work.
NEW  BUSINESS   The attendance at this tournament is down approximately 10%.  The Gold Rush Pairs are very successful.
OLD BUSINESS   Bill Sentman asked for suggestions for the District Education Chairman.  Bill Sentman will send a description of this position to anyone who is interested.
Regional Starting Times and Events.   Beth Reid reported that the national  trend for starting times  is 10:00AM  and 2:30PM for the main events and 7:30 for the secondary events.  Split Regionals  must  have the same schedules.  It was also recommended that we decrease the number of events held  at the same time.  A discussion followed.  Units should consider these recommendations when planning their Regionals.
The next Board Meeting will be between sessions on March 10, 2012, at the Indianapolis Regional.
Barb Levinson moved and Judy Dreijer seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:00 PM.  Passed unanimously.
                                                                              Respectfully submitted,
                                                                              Nancy Z. Sachs
                                                                              Recording Secretary