BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING

                                  June 18, 2011     Indianapolis Regional                                                                      


Attendance: 19

Unit 117:  Vangie Smith, Christopher Overpeck         Unit 136: Jan Gimbrone, Georgia Banziger

Unit 122:  Larry Jones                                                  Unit 164:  Susan Bullard, Terrell Holt

Unit 124:  Potter Orr, Vince Netherwood                    Unit 130:  Judy Drejer, Maribeth Ransel                 

Unit 227:                                                                       Unit 193:  John Lawler

Also present:  Bill Sentman, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  Treasurer, Adrienne Netherwood;  A. Beth Reid, ACBL District Representative; Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator; Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Chairman; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor Editor.

The meeting began at 5:40 PM with President Bill Sentman presiding. He asked that everyone sign-in and  introduce  themselves.

SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the last meeting are posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached)  Chris Overpeck said that the Minutes from the last meeting should be corrected to read, “ The Lexington Unit 164 and the Lexington Bridge Club  would like the GNT District Finals on two different weekends, so that the players could try to qualify in different flights and possibly increase attendance.”  The correction was made. Georgia Banziger moved and Judy Drejer seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected.  Passed unanimously.

 Adrienne Netherwood, distributed the Treasurer’s Report. (Copy attached) The current total cash balance is $28,023.20 which includes $4191.23 in the Monitor checking account. We received $7000.00 proceeds from the NABC and $614.60 Cincinnati Regional Tables Fees including an additional  $250.00. Terrell Holt moved and John Lawler seconded that the report be approved.  Passed unanimously.

TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, asked that the Units send the 2016-2017

Sanctions to him as soon as possible, and to first check the ACBL Website about the dates. The times for the Dayton/Evansville Split Regional were discussed.  If anyone wants a current copy of the tournament schedule,  e-mail him,  and he will e-mail it to you. Georgia Banziger discussed possible conflicts for the Dayton  2015 Regional.  When there are Split Regionals, the games must be on the same time schedule and this must be coordinated.  The 2012 Cincinnati Regional will be held Monday through Saturday and will not take place on Derby Day or Mother’s Day.  We are attempting to schedule a Regional in each quarter, if possible.  Potter Orr started  a discussion about having the same stratifications at all of our Regionals.  This is a district decision and will be reviewed at our next meeting.

MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor, asked that the photographs and ads be sent to him in high resolution. The next issue will be sent next week and he has a copy with him, if anyone would like to see it.  He thanked everyone for submitting their reports on time. The deadline for the next issue is September 3.  All deadlines are listed in the Monitor.

NAP/GNT  Bill Higgins, Chairman, asked everyone to encourage the Flight C players to participate in these competitions and explain that they receive remuneration.  The NAP and the Sectional  in October will be held at a new location in Cincinnati.  A. J. Stephani recommends that we advertise these events by erecting signs at the clubs  and distributing  the information at the NAP qualifying games.  He will be bringing signs to the next Board meeting and sending out e-mails.  He will be needing the district e-mail list. Potter Orr set up an e-mail list for Unit 124 and it is very accurate.  If anyone wants a copy of this program, contact him. The Cincinnati Unit will be doing everything possible to increase attendance. Suggestions for this were discussed.  They are looking at changing the starting times for the finals for future years.  He asks that each Unit discuss this, and report at the next meeting. 

CHARITY   Susan Bullard, Chairman,  will be organizing two Charity Games. The ACBL requires the District to hold a charity game for their charity in order to have one for a charity of our choice.   She will meet with Bob Lyon to pick dates, and she will report on this at the next meeting.

NEW  BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                                                             

The response to the Gold Rush games has been great. This tournament is having these games as pair games on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the team game on Sunday.  These need to be explained to the players. Maribeth  Ransel  put out a flyer with an explanation of these events.  Potter  Orr questioned the Stratifications and Stratiflighted  designations.  Beth Reid explained that the Gold Rush Pairs and the Open Pairs benefit from this.  Cincinnati will be adding these games at their next Regional.  These games and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Rob Weidenfeld has resigned as Education Chairman and we need to appoint a replacement.  It was recommended that we ask Sandra Marlin to be the Education Chairman. This suggestion was endorsed by the entire Board. Terrell Holt will talk to her about this and contact Bill Sentman.

The Lexington Unit is holding a “Learn Bridge” Day and over 100 people have signed up.  They sent out flyers and  have many people promoting it.

Bob Lyon brought up the issue of who is being charged for the meals.  Each Unit is charged for their representatives present; each Unit is entitled to two representatives, who are the voting members.  The officers’ and appointed members’ meals are paid for by the district.  A discussion followed.


At the last meeting it was decided to wave the Monitor dues for Unit 227 in exchange for their sanction for the holiday Monitor StaC.  Clarification is needed for when this is in effect and the dates for this event.  This will be in effect for this year.

The next Board Meeting will be after the second session on Saturday, September 10, in Dayton.  Please send in your reservations before the deadline.

John Lawler moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:55 PM.  Passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


         Nancy Z. Sachs

                                                                     Recording Secretary