District 11- ACBL

Board of Directors Meeting

June 7, 2014 at Cincinnati Regional


Attendance: 23


Unit 117:Vangie Smith, Chris Overpeck                    Unit 136:Janet Lee, Georgia Banzinger

Unit 122: Judy Auer, George St. Pierre            Unit 164: Terrell Holt,Susan Bullard

Unit 124: Barbara Levinson, Mike Purcell       Unit 130: Liz Brown, Judy Drejer

Unit 227:                                                               Unit: 193:Billie Brown, William Lee


Also present: Bill Sentman, President; Cheryl Schneider, Secretary; Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer; Beth Reid, District Director; A.J. Stephani, Tournament Director; Potter Orr, Web Master; Isaac Stephani, Youth coordinator; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor and Maribeth Ransel.


The meeting was called to order by President Bill Sentman.


Secretary’s Report:


The minutes were approved and everyone was asked to sign the attendance sheet.


Treasurer’s Report:


Adrienne Netherwood presented the report.  Total cash balance is $28,739.07. $1,718.55 is the checking account balance for the Midwest Monitor. $17,000 is earmarked for future NABC held in District 11.  $2,116 is earmarked for ACBL Grass Roots 2013. $3,224 is earmarked for Grass Roots 2014.  We received $3,224 for Grass Roots and $559.20 for Indianapolis table fees. We paid $651.32 for meals at the Indianapolis Regional Meeting and $600 to NAP Flight A/B/C 3rd place pairs.

The report was approved unanimouisly.




Tournament Coordinator’s Report:


A.J. said he is trying to plan a meeting with the various tournament chairs at the Dayton/Columbus Regional. The new ACBL web site is up and although it is similar there are some changes.


District Director’s Report:


Beth reported that the board was working to resolve the GNT masterpoint issue.


GNT/NAP Coordinator’s Report:


A discussion about how to spend the Grass Roots money was held.  A motion was made by Susan and seconded by Georgia that the district would give the 1st place pairs an additional $100, the second place pairs $200 and the 3rd place pairs $300. Motion passed unanimously.


We need to decide on a site for the 2015 GNT.


Youth Coordinator’s Report:


Isaac reported that he would like to have a representative to connect with in each unit.


Midwest Monitor:


No report.


New Business:


A.J. Stephani is now the 1st alternate to the ACBL Board of Directors.


Mike Purcell reported that his club has been offering a free supervised play on Saturday morning and that it has been very successful.


There was a discussion about reviewing the by-laws of the organization. Bill Sentman said he would send a copy to Potter Orr.


Maribeth Ransel reported that her unit is not ready to accept the Midwest Monitor proposal.


Elections for the board will be held at the Dayton/Columbus Regional.  A.J. will be chairman.


 A Midwest Monitor discussion followed.  A motion was placed on the floor by Georgia Banzinger stating that if we can, each issue should cost no more than $1500 and we should do this no more than four times a year.  Seconded by Mike Purcell.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Schneider