District 11 - ACBL
Board of Directors Meeting
Nov. 9,2013 at Louisville/Lexington Meeting  - NOT YET APPROVED - SUBMITTED MARCH 3, 2014
Attendance: 26
Unit 117:Verna Goldberg, Gary Peterson       Unit 136:Donna Moore, Georgia Banzinger
Unit 122:Larry Jones, Judy Auer                        Unit 164: Terrell Holt, Susan Bullard
Unit 124: Mike Purcell, Barbara Levinson      Unit:130:Liz Brown, Maribeth Ransel
Unit 227:                                                                Unit 193: Billie Brown, Doris Mills
Also Present:  Bill Sentman, President; Anita Torrence, Vice President; Cheryl Schneider, Secretary;  Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer; Beth Reid, District Director;  Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor;  A.J. Stephani, tournament coordinator;  Sondra Holt; Potter Orr, Web Master;  Steve Moese; Isaac Stephani; Steven Blank.
The meeting was called to order by president Bill Sentman.  He introduced Isaac Stephani as our new Youth coordinator.  Everyone else introduced themselves and was asked to sign the attendance sheet.
Secretary’s Report
There was a correction to the minutes regarding the question asked about closing clubs during tournaments.  The Treasurer’s report was not included and the minutes will be amended to include that information. Larry moved and Terrell seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected. Passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance was $21,919.98.  Increase in cash included Dayton Regional Table Fees plus $250 of $587;  $1014 for 2013 NAP; Meals reimbursements of $843.69. Expenses were Dayton meals, $385.13; New pass and one club cards, $278.14; Web Hosting, $72.35.  The new checking account balance is $23,629.05 of which $17,000 is earmarked for a future NABC held in District 11 and $2,116 is earmarked for ACBL Grass Roots.  Midwest Monitor balance is $509.49. Larry moved and Mike seconded that the report be approved.  Passed unanimously.
District Director
There was no new report but she will be in Phoenix and expects we will have some District Reps there also.
Tournament Coordinator
A.J. Stated that he will send Copies of the Tournament Schedule to the Unit Tournament Coordinators. Since there is nothing really written about the procedural policies for tournaments he is preparing a manual for the next meeting.
Sondra Holt reported that the regional is down about six and one half percent.  Caddy fees are up.
GNT/NAP Coordinator
Larry reported the GNT will be held in Lexington just before the Super Bowl.  The Nap will be held the second week in October of 2014.
Web Master
Potter Orr and Steve Moese, who was a guest today, will be updating the District Web site.
Youth Coordinator
Isaac presented three ideas he hopes to accomplish.
1.  Develop a policy for youth players within the district
2.  Possibly add a youth game at our regionals.
3. He plans on contacting the youth chairman in each unit.
Midwest Monitor
A vote was taken concerning the Midwest Monitor becoming an on line publication.  Units 117,122,227,136, and 130 all voted yes.  Unit 124 voted no.  Unit 164 voted yes, but still has questions.  Unit 193 abstained.
A committee was formed to study the details for a contract with Brad Bartol.  Bill Sentman, Adrienne Netherwood, Cheryl Schneider and Bill Moese were appointed. 
Adrienne distributed a letter she wrote to the board that addressed her concerns about the financial contract we would be entering into with Brad in order to move forward with this plan.
Brad reported that he had sent his proposal to five companies and had gotten one response.  His intent was to see what the value of his services would be.  He noted that the first few editions of the online publication would require a great deal of work so he felt he would need a commitment from the board for a specific period of time. Potter noted that even with that in mind we can move forward with this plan knowing it can be changed at a later date.
New Business
Potter plans to update the web site with e-mail addresses for district members.
A motion was made by Georgia saying that from the time Brad switches the Midwest Monitor to online, the agreement will be for two years and will include the details worked out by the new committee.  Passed unanimously.
Larry mentioned again that we need to discuss how we will determine the distribution of our Grass Roots money.
Anita moved for adjournment and Susan seconded.
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Schneider
Recording Secretary