District 11 - ACBL
Board of Directors Meeting
Sept. 28, 2013 at Columbus/Dayton Regional - REVISED AS SUBMITTED MARCH 3, 2014
Unit 117:    Bill Toutant                                  Unit 136:Jo Keim, Jo Ann Deutsch
Unit 122:    Larry Jones                                   Unit 164: Terrell  Holt, Susan Bullard
Unit 124:    Steve Moese, Barbara Levinson  Unit 130: Maribeth Ransel,Judy Drejer
Unit 227:                                                         Unit 193:
Also present: Bill Sentman,President;  Georgia Banzinger, Vice-President; Cheryl Schneider, Secretary; Beth Reid. District Director;  Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor;  A.J. Stephani, Tournament Coordinator;  Potter Orr, Web Master.
The meeting was called to order by President Bill Sentman.  Introductions were made.
Secretary’s Report:
The minutes were approved and everyone was asked to sign the attendance sheet.
Treasurer’s Report:
Beginning Balance $26,171.82. Table fees for Cincinnati Regional plus $250. Total 720.20.  Expenses were $4000 to GNT teams, $743.05 for meals at Cincy Regional, $200 to NAP pair and a check order for $28.99. New checking balance is $21,919.98 of which $17,000 is earmarked for a future NABC in District 11 and $2,116 is earmarked for ACBL Grass Roots.  The balance in the Midwest Monitor checking is $4,855.59.
The report was presented by Potter Orr in Adrienne Netherwood’s absence. A.J. asked some questions about the status of the possible Nationals being awarded to Columbus and the earmarks in the report.  Beth reported nothing has been decided.  Susan Bullard moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the report be approved.  Motion passed unanimously.
District Director’s Report:
Beth reiterated that she and everyone else should talk up Columbus,  Those East and West coast people are not always in favor of the Midwest.
Tournament Coordinator’s Report:
The schedule is looking pretty good since most of the units have been good about getting their dates and sanctions in on time.
There has been a few glitches in Tourney Trax.  It should be fixed shortly but if anyone has a problem give A.J. A call.
He stated he does his best to fix any conflicts locally since that is much easier.
Please try to encourage your new players to come to the Regionals since that would be the best way to increase the table count. He also pointed out that Regionals can be advertised on various web sites including BBO.  Georgia Banzinger asked about club procedures as far as closing during these events and how many miles away they needed to be before they could host their games.
GNT/NAP Coordinator’s Report:
Larry reported that District 11 had won the Flight B GNT.  John Keim wa the team captain.
He reported he went to the meeting in Atlanta and that it was not as productive as the last one.
He reported the NAP qualifier’s would be held in Cincinnati on the 19-20 of October and the GNT qualifier’s would be in Lexington in January.
Midwest Monitor Report:
Brad passes out copies of his proposal for changes in the Midwest Monitor.  It would for the most part be digital with a fee attached if individuals wished to receive a hard copy in the mail. If these changes are made they will not be implemented until January since our members will need to be informed.
Brad would actually become a company we would be hiring to produce our product. This would be much cheaper for the units since the cost would be much lower due to printing and mailing costs.
Bill Sentman moved and Maribeth Ransel seconded that Brad Bartol begin to try to implement his proposal and that each unit be asked to ratify his proposal by the Lousiville/Lexington Regional.  Motion passed unanimously.
New Business :
A.J. Reported that the new King of Bridge for ACBL has been named and he is from Cincinnati.  His  name is John Altman and we are very proud of him.
Georgia Banzinger said she would like to resign from being Vice-President after the Louisville/Lexington Regional due to conflicts.  Larry Jones nominated Anita Torrence and she was voted in by acclamation. 
Georgia reported that the Regional will be down about 100 tables. Some schedule changes will be made but everyone seemed to love the new hospitality.
There was a discussion about what the procedure should be for awarding money to the GNT/NAP qualifiers.  With the Grass Roots money we should be able to help more.
Terrell Holt moved the meeting be adjourned.