November 6, 2010         Louisville/ Lexington Regional


Attendance: 27
Unit 117:  Vangie Smith, Christopher Overbeck         Unit 136: Jan Gimbrone, Georgia Banziger
Unit 122:  Jeanne Martin, Jim Bachelder                     Unit 164:  Richard Newtz, Terrell Holt
Unit 124:  Potter Orr, John Stoppiello                         Unit 130:  Joyce Brandt, Ingrid Toschlog                
Unit 227:   Sarah Sentman , Katin Diehl                     Unit 193:  John Lawler
Bill Sentman, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  Treasurer, Adrienne Netherwood; Beth Reid, ACBL District Representative; Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator; Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Chairman; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor Editor; Susan Bullard, Charity Chairman; NABC Chairmen, Hannah Davis; NABC Finance Chairman, Frank Nelson;, NABC Volunteer Chairman, Joan Lepping; Regional Co-Chairman, Sondra Holt;
The meeting began at 5:00 PM with President Bill Sentman presiding. He asked that everyone sign-in  and  introduce  themselves.
SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the last meeting are posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached)  Terrell Holt moved and Joyce Brandt seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously. Nancy Sachs asked that everyone send her the list of the two representatives from each unit and the name and e-mail address of their Recorder.
TREASURER’S  REPORT.    Adrienne Netherwood, who took over from John Hinton, did not have time to bring a report.  She reported that we have $3121.00 in the Treasury.
DISTRICT  DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid posted her report from the  NABC Board Meeting in New Orleans on the District Web site.  She sent her report to the unit presidents, who should be responsible for getting this report to their Boards.(Copy attached)  She explained that there is a motion on the floor that the details of the ACBL elections be kept secret.  She plans to vote against this, because it is not democratic. She asked for imput on this issue. A discussion followed.  She asked that people contact her about any other issues.
 MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor, reported that he is attempting to find a new printer in order to cut costs.  He received payment for all the ads, except the one for the NABC in Louisville.  They assured him it would be taken care of.  He distributed the Financial Statement (copy attached) and answered questions about it.  Brad is handling the billing for the ads, as well as the editing.  He is making a change to the calendar format. A discussion followed about the possibility of distributing the Monitor on-line and/or having it available at tournaments, rather than by mail distribution.  There are 4600 people on the mailing list and comes directly from the ACBL to the printer.  There was a discussion about the cost to the Units and the new format.  The Board had decided to review the format after a one-year trial period, which ended with this meeting.  Georgia Banziger moved and Vangie Smith seconded that we keep the current format until further notice.  Passed with 12 for and 2 against.  The deadline for the January Monitor is December 24 and the main focus will be the Louisville NABC.  Beth Reid congratulated Brad for an outstanding job.
TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2011-2015 Schedules.  (Copies attached)  The dates were reviewed. Cincinnati has not sanctioned their 2013-15 Regionals.
This must be taken care of immediately. There is a conflict between Terre Haute and Madisonville for the dates for their 1013 sectionals.  Two Sectionals in our district are not permitted on the same weekend unless the distance between the cities is large.  A discussion followed.  Potter Orr moved and Chris Overbeck  seconded that , “If the Tournament Chairmen of two sectionals agree to hold the tournaments on the same weekend,  the District Tournament Coordinator may approve this.”  Passed unanimously.  It was noted that a 299er Sectional does not count as one of the tournaments allocated to each Unit.   Bob Lyon requested that each Unit check the dates before sending in the sanction applications.
NABC – LOUISVILLE 2011   Hannah Davis, Chairman, encouraged players and Units to sponsor games.  Vangic Smith is the Sponsorship Chairman and she has the forms for this.  Beth Reid suggested that games could be named for deceased members. Frank Nelson, Treasurer, discussed fund raising and asked for suggestions about contacts for donations. He distributed a Financial Report (copy attached). The total cash received is $117,330.85; cash disbursed is $12,849.97; cash on hand is $104.480.88.  The budgeted shortfall is $16,843.15.  We will not lose money on the tournament.  Joan Lepping, Volunteer Coordinator, has a chairman from each unit who will recruit volunteers.  The deadline for this is February 15.  She sent a report to each chairman.  There will be a hospitality suite for the volunteers.
NAP/GNT   Bill Higgins, District Chairman, reported that this year’s District NAP event was well attended  and  very successful. The ACBL subsidizes the top two pairs with $700 for Flight A and $300 for Flight B. Our District subsidizes the third place pairs with $200.  Susan Bullard suggested that the NAP District Finals be held  on two separate weekends, with  the top two flights on one weekend and the lower two flights on another.  This would enable some players to play in two events. We will discuss this for next year.  Bill Higgins asked everyone to talk up participation in the GNT, especially in Flight C.  Dayton and Evansville are having promotional team games.
CHARITY   Susan Bullard, District Chairman, has deferred plans for charity games until after the NABC in Louisville.  After that she will be working on a District-wide Charity Game.  Dayton was the recipient of an ACBL grant of $1000. Georgia Banziger reported that they gave $700 to Hospice and $300 to Society for Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals.
Brad Bartol suggested that we change the starting times for our Regionals to 9:30, 2:00, and 7:00.  He also suggested we add Gold Rush Games which have been very popular.  Another suggestion was to have the masterpoint  strats based on average points. This must be advertised.  Another suggestion was to have the same stratifications for all our Regionals.  A discussion followed. Bill Sentman will appoint a committee to look into these ideas and report at the next meeting.                                                                                                                                                                     Some changes in the Indianapolis Regional schedule were made. A discussion followed.  Potter Orr moved and Terrell Holt seconded to approve these changes.  Passed unanimously.                                                                        Jim Bachelder read the cell phone policy for District 5 and recommended that we have such a policy. A discussion followed.   Bill Sentman will appoint a committee to prepare a proposal for the next meeting.
The next Board Meeting will be April 30, 2011, in Cincinnati.  A Cincinnati representative will take the bidding boxes from this tournament to Cincinnati.
John Lawler moved and Joyce Brandt seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:00 PM.  Passed unanimously.
                                                                             Respectfully submitted.
                                                                             Nancy Z. Sachs
                                                                             Recording Secretary