May 7, 2010 Cincinnati Regional

Attendance - 18

Unit 117: Hannah Davis Unit 136: Georgia Banziger, Janis Gimbrone

Unit 122: Anita Torrence, Cheryl Schneider Unit 164:

Unit 124: Potter Orr, John Stoppiello Unit 130: Bob Lyon, Brad Bartol

Unit 227: Bill Sentman Unit 193: John Lawler, Barbara Ahlers

Also present: Bob Sulgrove, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary; Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Coordinator;

Beth Reid, District Director; Rob Weidenfeld, Education Chairman; Annease Comer, ABA,

The meeting began at 4:50 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding. He asked that everyone introduce themselves. Bob Sulgrove thanked the Cincinnati Unit for their hospitality and organizing this tournament.

SECRETARY’S REPORT The minutes of the meeting are posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached) Potter Orr moved and Beth Reid seconded that the minutes be approved. Passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Bob Lyon, substituting for John Hinton, Treasurer, distributed the Treasurer’s Report. (Copy attached). There is a balance of $10,495.47 in our account. There is loss for the year to date of $3,499.99. He asked that the appropriate people let John know about payments for the third place pairs who played in the NAP. He needs confirmation from the units on the amount they are giving the four teams competing in the GNT Final. Once this is received, he will send the money to the team captains. John will cease being treasurer at the end of the 2010 term, so someone else must be recruited. Bob Lyon moved and John Lawler seconded that the report be approved as written. Passed unanimously.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR Bob Lyon distributed the 2010-2015 Tournament Schedules. (Copies attached) It is important that sanctions through 2015 be submitted. Cincinnati must get the 2013-2015 Regionals sanctioned. The dates for the Dayton 2015 Regional need to be reviewed. Dates, conflicts, and sites must be confirmed before the sanctions are submitted. Progressive Sectionals were discussed. Bob stated that any bordering Unit may join this event. Bob will obtain more information about them for our next meeting. Each Unit is entitled to four sectionals per year including Progressive Sectionals. There was a discussion regarding holding sectionals during an NABC. Cheryl Schneider moved and Rob Weidenfeld seconded that we not allow STaC’s during the NABC’s, unless special permission is granted. Passed with one negative vote. Bill Higgins reported that the ACBL’s regulation is that if mid-chart conventions are permitted at a tournament, it must be noted in the ad.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR A. Beth Reid reminded everyone that she posts on our Web site a report from each meeting. She answered questions about the ACBL and local charity games. She also discussed the concept of averaging masterpoint holdings for pairs and team games. This will be discussed at our next meeting. She asked if there were any items we wish discussed at the next District Directors’ meeting.

NABC – LOUISVILLE 2011 Hannah Davis, Chairman, distributed financial reports documenting the sources of funds, a report concerning volunteers, and a report of the purchases made for naming rights for games. (Copies attached) The balance on hand of cash and CD’s is $92,351.40; total cash received is $100,796.56; total cash disbursed is $84,954.23. She asked that all units have promotional games. She urged all units to send the name and e-mail of their Volunteer Chairman to Joyce Lepping, jlepping@bellsouth.net. Joyce sent a report about what will be needed of the volunteers. (Copy attached).

ABA Annease Comer reported they want to continue to hold joint ABA/ACBL tournaments. It was suggested that they place ads for these in the Monitor.

NAP/GNT In response to questions raised at the District 11 Board meeting in March, Bill Higgins talked with the ACBL and several directors about our GNT Swiss team formats, the length of time allowed per match, and the enforcement of slow play penalties. The conclusion was that our play format is fine, and that the timing questions should be left to the discretion of the DIC. The ACBL is advising its directors to be more proactive in the area of slow play. Unit 193 has initiated new team games to promote interest in the GNT’s. After a discussion of sites for the GNT and NAP District Finals, Georgia Banziger moved and Brad Bartol seconded a motion that Cincinnati host the NAP Finals and Dayton host the GNT Finals until further notice. Passed unanimously.

MIDWEST MONITOR Brad Bartol, Editor distributed the Financial Statement and the Rate Schedule. The January issue was 20 pages and the April issue was 24 pages. The approximate cost per issue is $6,000.00. The cumulative loss is $3761.98. He recommends that we increase the rates per person. A discussion followed.. Brad moved and Georgia Banziger seconded that the rates be as follows: $1.00 per person per issue to the Units affiliated with Regionals and $1.00 per person twice a year to Northern Indiana and the Units not affiliated with our Regionals. Bills will be sent out quarterly. This will begin June 1, 2010. Passed unanimously. It is important that the columns and ads be sent by the deadline, which is June 6 for the July issue. The Monitor can be read on the Web site. mwmonitor@mac.com is the Monitor e-mail address and is to be used for official Monitor and District business only. It is never to be added to any other e-mail lists. Brad has received many compliments and was congratulated for a job well done.

EDUCATION Rob Weidenfeld, Chairman, has been in contact with the Education Chairmen of Lexington, Louisville, Central Indiana, Dayton and Cincinnati Units. He asks that any educational events be reported to him, so that he can share the information. The MVBA is in the process of compiling a database on all players who have attended classes and keep a history of who has been in what class and at what level.

NEW BUSINESS Bob Sulgrove appointed Cheryl Schneider and Bill Higgins to the nominating committee to present a slate for the election of a new president and vice president. The election will be at the next meeting. Beth Reid is also up for reelection as District director.

The next meeting will be at the Dayton/Columbus Regional after the afternoon session on Saturday, August 7, 2010. Unit Presidents are responsible for sending two representatives to each meeting and making reservations. Potter Orr will put the information on the Web site; and send members an e-mail reminder.

Anita Torrence moved and Nancy Sachs seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Z. Sachs

Recording Secretary