November  7,  2009                Louisville-Lexington  Regional

                                       (corrected version 3/7/2010)

Attendance - 27

Unit 117:  Jean Donoho, Betty Mattison                        Unit 136:  Georgia Banziger, Jan Gimbrone

Unit 122:  Cheryl Schneider, Mary Lynn Zwald             Unit 164: Richard Newtz, Matt Heuser

Unit 124:  Potter Orr, Adrienne Netherwood                Unit 130:  Joyce Brandt, Bob Lyon                  

Unit 227:  Bill Sentman                                     Unit 193:  Marcie Harding, Karen Nun

Also present:  Bob Sulgrove, President; Jill Ohlson, Vice President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  John Hinton, Treasurer; Beth Reid, ACBL District Representative;  Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Chairman; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor Editor;  Susan Bullard, Charity Chairman; Hannah Davis, NABC 2011 Chairman; Matt Cory, Youth Chairman; Guests:  Eileen Erwin, Sondra Holt


The meeting began at 5:10 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding. He asked that everyone introduce themselves.


SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the meeting are posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached)   Potter Orr  moved and Karen Nun  seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.  Nancy Sachs distributed a form for the Units to fill in the names of their president and district representative.  These names, the officers, and committee chairmen will receive the notice and agenda for  each meeting.   Potter Orr will update the list. She also distributed the ACBL Notices of Probation and Reprimand.


TREASURER’S  REPORT.    John Hinton distributed the Treasurer’s Reports. (Copies attached). To date there is a loss of   $9882.42 for the year. With the outstanding income and expense the estimated loss for 2009 will be $1669.95.  The Midwest Monitor loss for 2009 is $1785.19. John Hinton explained that we receive from the host unit or units $250, $.40 per table, and $1 per table for the NABC 2011 per regional. Sectionals pay the District $1 per table. The estimated income for 2009 is down $1700.00 this year.  Cheryl Schneider moved and Georgia Banziger seconded that the reports be accepted as written.  Passed unanimously.


DISTRICT  DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid will be representing our District at the San Diego NABC and will post a report on the We site.  She will be unable to attend our next meeting as she must to leave for the Reno NABC meeting. She will be able to be contacted electronically.


 MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor, distributed a copy of the proposed new format, which is larger and in color.  This received a favorable response from the members. He is checking on the increased cost of printing and postage.  He has located a new printer who would charge $3400.00 for the larger colored version. This was discussed, as well as the possibility of mailing it electronically.   He recommends that we raise the advertising rate to $200 per page and the fees to $2.00 per person.  We have not raised the fees in several years.  This would result in an extra $1000 each year. Jill Ohlson moved and Richard Newstz seconded that we try these increases for one year.  Passed unanimously. Another possibility is that each Regional give $500 to the Monitor in exchange for publishing the results.  In most districts, profits from Regionals go directly to the district, not the host city. We send out 4800 copies of the Monitor for each issue. Brad reminded everyone to submit their columns and ads as early as possible.





TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2009 - 2015 Schedules.  (Copies attached)  The dates were reviewed and he urged Units to submit their sanctions as early as possible.

to guarantee the dates.  He thanked everyone for their help.


NABC – LOUISVILLE 2011   Hannah Davis, Chairman distributed the Financial Reports.  The total cash received to date is $90,195.70. She asked for help to raise money for this tournament.  A game can be named for a club or as a memorial for a deceased player. The first week in September is a Fund Raising Week and urged all clubs to participate. The total received from this year’s Fund Raising Week was $2,191.00. The Volunteer Chairman is Joan Lay.  Each Unit should submit the name of a person who will be the Unit Volunteer Chairman.  Three Units have submitted names.


NAP/GNT   Bill Higgins, District Chairman, reported that the NAP District Finals held in conjunction with the Cincinnati Fall Section had a best ever 48 tables.  There were 16 ½ A, 19½ B, and 12 C. The District will entertain proposals to host the NAP’s and GNT’s, beginning with the NAP finals in 2010 and the GNT Finals in 2011. These are the earliest we can consider due to the lead time required for advertising/sanctioning, etc.  A request  for hosting proposals will be sent to the Unit presidents.  There will be a deadline for return of the proposals.  Specific requirements such as playing space, parking, etc. must be met. Adrienne Netherwood asked if we had not committed to Unit 124 for the fall 2010 NAP Finals, and was told that this was not the case.

CHARITY REPORT  Susan Bullard, Chairman, reminded everyone of the Continent-Wide Charity Game on

November 30.  She recommended that we give a free entry to one of our Regionals for the winners of the three stratifications.  This will be valid for one year. The winners are to be reported to the Monitor.   Susan moved and Potter Orr seconded that we do this.  Passed unanimously.  She asked that each Unit send her the names of the Directors.


WEB SITE  Potter Orr reminded everyone that the District Director’s Report, meeting notices, minutes, agendas are on the web site. Contact him if you have some information to be posted.


YOUTH  REPORT   Matt Cory stated that will be studying in Argentina for six months, but he will continue to work on this project. 


EDUCATION REPORT   Rob Weidenfeld, Chairman, sent out an e-mail report to all the Board members and asked for their imput.  (Copy attached)


OLD BUSINESS   Annease Comer sent a request that she be hired to direct at our Regionals.  The host Unit can request a Director for their tournament.  Beth Reid will request Annease for the 2011 NABC.


The next meeting will be between sessions on March 6, 2010, at the Indianapolis Regional.                                                                         


                                                                     Respectfully submitted,




                                                                     Nancy Z. Sachs

                                                                     Recording Secretary