Cincinnati, Ohio           Saturday,  May 2, 2009


Attendance - 24

Unit 117:  Beth Reid, Jean Donoho                               Unit 136: Bonnie Papini, Georgia Banziger

Unit 122:  Suman Agarwal, Cheryl Schneider                Unit 164: Richard Newtz, Matt Heuser

Unit 124:  Potter Orr, Adrienne Netherwood                Unit 130:  Joyce Brandt, Linda Leedy                          

Unit 227:  Bill Sentman                                                 Unit 193:  Marcie Harding, John Lawler

Also present:  Bob Sulgrove, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary; Beth Reid, ACBL District Representative; Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator; Bill Higgins, NAP/GNT Chairman; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor Editor;

Rob Weidenfeld, Education Chairman; Annease Comer, ABA;  Anita  Torrence, Board of Governors.


The meeting began at 5:00 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding. He asked that everyone introduce themselves. 


SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the November 8, 2008, meeting were posted on the District 11 Web site. (Copy attached)  Rob Weidenfeld  moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously


TREASURER’S  REPORT.    The Treasurer’s Reports were distributed. (Copies attached). There is a profit of $707.91 for this year and we have a balance of $19,348.81. The Monitor has a net loss of $1745.79   The GNT District Final made a profit of $667.00.  Georgia Banziger moved and Anita Torrence seconded that the reports be approved as written.   Passsed unanimously.


DISTRICT  DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid posted her report from the Houston NABC on the District Web site.  She sent her report to the unit presidents, who should be responsible for getting this report to their Boards.   She reported that the Board held several strategic planning sessions regarding technology.  It will be now be possible to hold  Pair Games at tournaments stratified by using the combined total points of the pair.  She asked for opinions about the STaC Tournaments.  Topics to be considered:  Playing directors for large and/or small games; hand records for all games; how to select the DIC;  how to contact the director and make corrections; how to collect the sanction fees and late fees.  A discussion followed and she asked for feedback.  John Lawler asked  about getting an ACBL Directory.  Beth stated that the ACBL should be contacted for this.


 MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor,  passed out “Timeline for January Midwest Monitor”.  This report showed that many columns and ads arrived after the deadline.  This makes it very difficult to publish the Monitor on time. He asked that everyone urge their Units to send in the columns and ads as early as possible. Brad reported that the membership list needs to be updated.  Potter Orr moved and Bonnie Papini seconded that we empower Brad to select a printer and get an updated membership list.  Passed unanimously. At the next Board meeting Brad will make a presentation with changes to the current format. The Units from Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis all want to keep the current format.


AMERICAN BRIDGE ASSOCIATION    Annease Comer reported that Indianapolis had an 80th birthday party for Betty Mackey, an active member of the ABA and ACBL.  It was a three session bridge party with 33 tables in attendance .   Georgia Banziger stated that Dayton has a game with the ABA on Wednesday evenings.


TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Schedules.  (Copies attached)  The dates were reviewed and the District Finals of the NAP will be October 24 & 25 during the Cincinnati Sectional.    The units are doing a better job of submitting sanctions. He asked that all of the sanctions for 2010 and 2011 and most of the sanctions for 2012 be completed before the Dayton/Columbus Regional. Regional sanctions should be submitted through 2015.   The sanctions must be sent to Bob Lyon, not the ACBL.  Evansville wants to have a split regional every third year with a regional other than Indianapolis because of their close proximity.  A discussion followed.  Marci Harding moved and Cheryl Schneider  seconded that the Southern Indiana Unit  have a split regional with the Dayton/Columbus Regional in 2012.  The motion carried with nine for and five against.  It was explained that the District controls the allocation, location, and finances for the Regionals.


NABC – LOUISVILLE 2011   Jean Donohoo reported that they are working very hard to prepare for this tournament.  We are permitted to have one week each year as an NABC Promotional Week.  $1 extra is charged to every player.  There are two years remaining when the dates are:  September 1-7, 2009 and August 31 – September 6.  Jean encouraged all units to participate. They have received a $50,000 donation from a private sponsor. The balance in the account is approximately $80,000, and they will receive $100,000 from the ACBL.


NAP/GNT   Bill Higgins, District Chairman, reported that a committee of Bob Sulgrove, John Hinton, and himself will be reviewing the locations of the NAP and GNT Finals and report at the next meeting.  In the NAP ad it stated that each third place recipient will receive $100 from the district. In the past we have given $50 per person. Suman Agarwad moved and Georgia Banziger seconded that we award each person $100. Adrienne Netherwood moved and Bill Sentman seconded that we table this motion; defeated.  The motion to award  $100 to each member of the third place pair winners passed.

OLD BUSINESS   Adrienne Netherwood reported that the IRS Form 990 classifying District 11 as a non-profit organization has been confirmed.

NEW BUSINESS   Brad Bartol suggested that we have a fourth meeting each year at the Indianapolis Regional beginning in 2010. A discussion followed.  Cheryl Schneider moved and Jean Donoho seconded.  Passed unanimously.  The ACBL is redoing their Web Site and the Youth Bridge program.  Joyce Brandt  moved and Bill Sentman seconded that Bob Sulgrove appoint a  District Youth Chairman.  Passed unanimously.  Bob asked for suggestions for this appointment.

The next meeting will be August 8, 2009, at the Columbus/Dayton Regional.


John Lawler moved and Anita Torrence seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:45 PM.  Passed unanimously. 

                                                                     Respectfully submitted,




                                                                     Nancy Z. Sachs

                                                                     Recording Secretary