District 11 – ACBL


                      Louisville/Lexington Regional             Saturday, November 8, 2008

Attendance - 21

Unit 117: Jean Donoho, Frank Nelson                   Unit 136 : Georgia Banziger, Gay Grogan      

Unit 122 :                                                                Unit 227:Bill Sentman               

Unit 130 : Bob Lyon, Brad Bartol                             Unit 193:  Marcie Harding, John Lawler

Unit 164: Matt Heuser,  Rich Newtz                      Unit 124:Adrienne Netherwood, Potter Orr

 Bob Sulgrove, President;  Jill Ohlson, Vice President; A. Beth Reid, District Director;  John Hinton, Treasurer;  Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  Rob Weidenfeld, Education Chairman; Sondra Holt, Regional Chairman; Potter Orr, Web Master


The meeting began at 5:15 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding.  He asked each person to introduce himself to the other members.          

SECRETARY’S   REPORT    The minutes of the August 2, 2008, Board Meeting were posted on our Web Site .  (Copy attached)  Jill Ohlson moved and Potter Orr seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.


TREASURER’S   REPORT    Treasurer John Hinton, distributed the Treasurer’s reports, which  included  the current financial statement and  the  Midwest Monitor financial report (Copies attached).  The balance in the treasury as of 11/8/2008 is $17,828.46 and the profit is $4114.21; he expects a profit of $5,000 by year end.  Georgia Banziger moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the report be approved as written.  Passed  unanimously.


MIDWEST MONITOR    Brad Bartol, Editor, asked that everyone send the columns and ads via the computer, not by hard copy. Unit representatives are requested to pass this on to your unit reporter and tournament chairman.  He mentioned that some cities have sent him the material and expect him to design the ad.  Jill Ohlson moved and John Hinton seconded that the unit sponsoring the tournament will pay Brad Bartol $50.00 to design an ad; the Treasurer will bill the Unit.   Passed unanimously. A discussion followed about increasing the cost of ads, making the Monitor larger, and/or making it in color. John Hinton stated that if we do these things we will need to increase our revenue; we are breaking even at the present time.  The cost of a one-third ad in the ACBL Bulletin is $650.00; the cost of a full page ad in the Monitor is $150.00.  With a larger Monitor: bidding contests, interesting hands, etc. could be included.  Each Unit Representative was asked to get an opinion from his Unit Board for the next meeting.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR   Beth Reid reported that she has been working of the ACBL budget.  We will receive a report after the NABC in Boston.  The Buffett Cup was a success.  The president of the ACBL, Jerry Fleming,  will be attending the Indianapolis/Evansville Regional.


TOURNAMENT REPORT   Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the   2009, 2010, and 2011 Schedules and a list of the sanctioned events in 2012. (Copies attached)  All tournaments on the calendar have been sanctioned. He commended everyone for getting the 2009 schedule completed. Units who want to have events on the same week each year should contact him as soon as possible.  The 2012 schedule will be discussed at the next meeting. Sondra Holt presented some proposed changes to the 2009 Louisville/Lexington Regional schedule (copy attached). These were discussed.


 NABC LOUISVILLE    Frank Nelson, Treasurer,  reported that they will need many volunteers and need Units to sponsor events and/or days. Beth Reid stated that many Units have sponsored Memorial Games. We will be having another Fund Raising Week next year. He submitted a Financial Report (copy attached).  The total cash on hand is $23,678.89.


NAP/GNT Bill Higgins reported on the NAOP attendance; Flight A was approximately the same as last year and Flights B and C increased in attendance.  The site has been secured for three years. The third place team receives $50.00 per person. The GNT will have four flights; Unlimited, fewer than 5000, fewer than 2000 and fewer than 500.  We need to promote participation in the 0-500 category. Bill distributed a report “Proposed Change in Payments for GNT” (copy attached). “Beginning in 2009, each team representing District 11 in the national final of the GNT held at the Summer NABC will receive $500 plus an additional amount not to exceed $500.  The additional amount will be equal to the amount of money obtained by the team from its Unit. Teams whose units cannot afford to do this, may have their case reviewed by the District Board. The team will need to send documentation of the money received from the unit in order to obtain the matching amount from District 11.  The distribution of the money paid to the team’s members is solely determined by the team captain.” John Hinton moved and Bob Lyon seconded that we accept this proposal.  Passed unanimously.  The 2009 GNT District finals will be held in Cincinnati on January 31 and February 1.


WEB SITE  Potter Orr reported that the site has been updated with tournament schedules and winners.  Jill Ohlson will be working with people who have proposals for this Board of Directors and post them on the Web site before the next meeting.


EDUCATION   Rob Weidenfeld reported that Cincinnati has two newsletters for new players, and he asked that he be contacted with other ideas.  Brad Bartol reported that Central Indiana Unit sponsored a “Cast a Vote for Bridge” day.  It was a day long conference beginning at 9:00 with a $10 fee.  141 people attended. Jill Ohlson reported on the success of the Youth Bridge Camp and asked for donations to send the kids to the National event.


OLD BUSINESS   Adrienne Netherwood reported that all of the requirements for District 11 to file the E postcard have been met, and hopefully we can file our Form 990N at the end of the year, after the IRS computers have been updated.


The Louisville and Lexington Units were thanked for the great job they did with this tournament.

 The next meeting will be May 2, 2009, during the Cincinnati Regional.


Potter Orr moved and Sondra Holt seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:10 PM. Passed unanimously.


                                                                         Respectfully submitted,




 Nancy Sachs