District 11 – ACBL


                   Dayton/Columbus Regional             Saturday, August 2, 2008

Attendance - 19

Unit 117: Jean Donoho, Patsy London                 Unit 136 : Georgia Banziger, Wayne O’Connor      

Unit 122 :  Linda Rice, Cheryl Schneider             Unit 227:Bill Sentman              

Unit 130 : Bob Lyon, Brad Bartol                               Unit 164: Matt Heuser,  Jill Ohlson

Unit 124 :  Bill Higgins, Adrienne Netherwood         Unit 193 :  Marci Harding                  

 Also present:  Bob Sulgrove, President; Beth Reid, District Director; John Hinton, Treasurer;  Nancy Sachs, Secretary; Guest, Anita Torrence.


The meeting began at 5:55 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding.  He asked each person introduce himself to the other members. 

SECRETARY’S   REPORT    The minutes of the May 3, 2008, Board Meeting were posted on our Web Site .  (Copy attached)  Georgia Banziger moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed  unanimously.


TREASURER’S   REPORT    Treasurer John Hinton, distributed the Treasurer’s reports, which  included the current financial statement,  the current Midwest Monitor financial report, and the Historical Financial Position report. (Copies attached)    The balance in the treasury as of 8/2/2008 is $15,331.29 and the profit is $1617.04. The GNT profit for this year if $1886.00.  We We are just about breaking even on the Midwest Monitor. There are no outstanding bills. John reported that the ACBL does not give the GNTs any compensation and our district gives each team $500 to help defray some of their expenses.  He feels that this amount should be increased.  A discussion followed.   Bill Higgins, District 11 NAP/GNT Coordinator and John Hinton will present a proposal at the next meeting. Jill Ohlson moved and Marci Harding seconded that we approve the Treasurer’s Report as written.   Passed  unanimously.


MIDWEST MONITOR    Brad Bartol reported that the publication is running smoothly. He missed putting in the ad for the Pine Mountain Sectional.  He would like to expand the Monitor  to another larger format and include color.  The cost would increase. A discussion followed about how to generate funds for this.  A Committee headed by Brad and including John Hinton, Bill Higgins, and Marci Harding was appointed to look into this and report at the next meeting. He also would like to add interesting bridge hands.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR    Beth Reid reported on the ACBL Board of Directors and ACBL Board of Governors meetings.  Her report is posted on our Web site. She congratulated our GNT Flight A team on their second place finish.  She announced that the Life Master requirements will be raised to 500 beginning 2010. There are other proposed changes in the masterpoint structure, such as a new color for points won in Pair Games.  The ACBL headquarters will probably remain in the Memphis area. Unit Presidents should look at the Unit Charters and encourage as many private directors to run games. The proposal that she was asked to present concerning overall awards for sectionals on the same weekends was defeated.


TOURNAMENT REPORT   Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Schedules. (Copies attached) Bob Lyon reminded the units that Regional sanctions must be submitted a minimum of three years in advance. He asked that each Unit have one person who is responsible for the sanctions. That person should look at the schedules to ensure that their sanctions have been submitted.  It is recommended that Sectionals on the same

weekend be approximately 200 miles apart and Bob is attempting to do this.


 NABC LOUISVILLE    Jean Donoho distributed a copy of the letter that will be sent to Club Managers concerning the NABC Promotional Games held September 1-7, 2008. (Copy attached). She reminded everyone that the $1 per table surcharge is in effect.  It does not include games held at the clubs and STaC’s.  Detroit raised over $10,000 for their NABC and we hope to do the same or better. We have the information from Detroit concerning their fund-raising.


CHARITY   Bob Sulgrove reported that Susan Bullard, Chairman, attempted to set up Charity Games, but it did not work out because the directors did not want to charge an extra fee.


NAP/GNT  Bill Higgins reminded everyone of the NAP District Finals October 26 in Cincinnati.  The Dayton Unit is moving into a new Bridge Center where they will be holding their Sectionals, and they are offering it for the GNT and/or NAP District Finals.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS  Matt Heuser presented the slate:  President – Bob Sulgrove; Vice President – Jill Ohlson.  There were no other nominations and they were elected by acclamation.


NEW BUSINESS   Bob Sulgrove announced these delegates:  ACBL Board of Directors First Alternate - Nancy Sachs; Second Alternate - Cheryl Schneider.  Board of Governors: Joyce Penn, Bill Sentman, Anita Torrence.

Jill Ohlson reported on their successful Youth Bridge Camp and encouraged other Units to do this.  The ACBL’s Youth Camp in Atlanta was also very successful.


OLD BUSINESS    There was a question about whether the district and/or the units must file the IRS Form 990-N and Form EIN.  Adrienne Netherwood looked into this and gave the information to John Hinton.  He informed the Units.


The Dayton and Columbus Units were thanked for the great job they did with this tournament.

Units were reminded to take the District bidding boxes for the next regional.  The next meeting will be November 8, 2008 at the Louisville/Lexington Regional.


Jill Ohlson moved and Bill Sentman seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:15 PM. Passed unanimously.



                                                          Respectfully submitted,




                                                            Nancy Sachs, Secretary