Cincinnati, Ohio           Saturday,  May 3, 2008

Attendance - 18

Unit 117:  Beth Reid, Jean Donoho                               Unit 136: Wayne O’Connor, Georgia Banziger

Unit 122:  Suman Agarwal                                            Unit 164: Richard Newtz, Matt Heuser

Unit 124:  Potter Orr, Adrienne Netherwood                Unit 130:  Jim Cunningham, Bob Lyon                         

Unit 227: Elizabeth Rice                                                Unit 193:

Also present:  Bob Sulgrove, President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary;  Annease Comer, ABA; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor;  ACBL Directors – Ken Van Cleve, Jay Albright


The meeting began at 5:00 PM with President Bob Sulgrove presiding. He asked that everyone introduce themselves.  Beth Reid reported that District 11 Vice President Betty Mattison is recovering from brain surgery and is expected to have a partial recovery.  Cards can be sent to Baptist East Hospital, Room 440, 4002 Kresge Way, Louisville, KY 40207.  An electronic card can be sent to the hospital.


SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the November 10, 2007, meeting were posted on the District 11 Web site.   Potter Orr moved and  Matt Heuser seconded that the minutes be approved.  Passed unanimously


TREASURER’S  REPORT.  Bob Lyon, substituting for Treasurer John Hinton, distributed the Treasurer’s reports. There was a profit of $2,001.00 for 2008.  This does not include the $2,647.20 owed from various units for ads and the first half 2008 Monitor fee.   Two sets of third place finishers in the district NAP have been paid.  John has been unable to reach one of the finishers. The GNT District Final made a profit of $1,886.00.  The Monitor continues to make a small profit.  No change in the fee structure is needed.  Potter Orr moved and Nancy Sachs seconded that the reports be approved.  Passsed unanimously.


DISTRICT DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid posted her report from the Detroit NABC on the District Web site.  Each unit should be responsible for getting this report to their Boards. She discussed the ban on electronic  devices in nationally-rated events.  She also discussed the possible move of the ACBL Headquarters from Memphis, and the appointment of an ongoing director for our STaC’s.  She asked that everyone should feel free to e-mail her with questions or suggestions.   


MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol took over for Betty Mattison and published the Monitor.  He was able to accomplish this with two weeks notice and was thanked for his efforts. The Monitor was four pages larger and cost $200 additional.  There were many ads and one and one-half pages of ads will pay for this.  Brad reminded everyone to send him the information for the next issue. The ACBL can be contacted in order to get copies of other district publications.

AMERICAN BRIDGE ASSOCIATION    Annease Comer reported that in 2009 we hope to have another ACBL/ABA game and encouraged our district to promote this. 


TOURNAMENT REPORT    Bob Lyon, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Schedules. The dates were reviewed and the District Finals of the NAP will be October 26.  The units are doing a better job of submitting sanctions. He asked that all of the sanctions for 2010 be completed before the Louisville Regional.  He announced the 2009 sanctions that have not been submitted.  He asked Potter Orr to set up the tournament schedule on the Web site.


NABC – LOUISVILLE 2011   Beth Reid reported that they are working very hard to prepare for this tournament. Detroit did a great job with the recent NABC and they have been contacted for suggestions. The ACBL gives us $100,000 and we have $10,000 from our fund from the Cincinnati NABC.  This is not enough money and they will be asking us to charge another $1 per person at local games to raise the needed money.  They are also looking for corporate sponsors. Beth distributed the information from the ACBL about NABC Promotional games. It was moved by Matt Heuser and seconded by Elizabeth Rice that we have the week ending September 7, 2008, as our Fund Raising Week for the Louisville 2011 NABC.  We will check that this is permissible since it could conflict with the International Fund Games.  If this happens we will have an electronic executive meeting to select another date.  Passed unamimously.eHH


NAP/GNT   Bill Higgins is our new Chairman, replacing Betty Mattison.  He will send in the sanctions and coordinate with the local chairmen. 

CHARITY REPORT   Nancy Sachs reported that Susan Bullard needs the e-mail address of the STaC chairman so that she can send the information about the Charity Game on the evening of July 1, 2008.  There is a minimum contribution of $1 per person. Her e-mail is susbul@aol.com.  Bob Sulgrove reported that every five years the district receives funds from the ACBL Charity Fund.  This money is donated to a charity of our choice.  He asked everyone to consider what charity we should chose.







Potter Orr reminded everyone that our web address is district11bridge.com.

Bob Sulgrove  reported that District 11 is incorporated in the State of Ohio  Adrienne Netherwood researched this and sent the information to John Hinton.  Beth Reid reminded each unit that they may need to file Form 990 with the IRS to preserve their non-profit status.


Bob Sulgrove explained that our district has five representatives to the Board of Governors.  Two of them are the alternate directors to our District Director and the other three are appointed.  Bob will appoint someone to fill the expired term of Lenore Smart.  Jim Reiman explained that this board is an advisory board to the ACBL Board of Directors.  Nancy Sachs is running for First Alternate to the District Director.  No one has filed for Second Alternate as yet. 

Bob Sulgrove appointed a Nominating Committee headed by Jim Cunningham and including Matt Heuser and Potter Orr.  They will present a slate for the President and Vice President at the next meeting, which is when  we  will have our election.

The next meeting will be August 2, 2008, at the Columbus/Dayton Regional.


Suman Agarwal moved and Georgia Banziger seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:40 PM.  Passed unanimously.  The agenda and minutes will be on the District 11 Web site.


                                                                     Respectfully submitted,




                                                                     Nancy Z. Sachs

                                                                     Recording Secretary