Dayton, Ohio                   Saturday, August 5, 2006


Attendance - 17

Unit 117 (2):  Betty Mattison, Beth Reid                                  Unit 136 (2): Bob Sulgrove, Terry Parker

Unit 122 (2):  Mark Bullimore, Linda Rice                                      Unit 164 (2): Jill Ohlson, Matt Heuser

Unit 122 (2)   Patti English, Nancy Sachs                                 Unit 193 (2): Richard Cornett 

Unit 130 (2):  Bob Lyon                                                         Unit 227 (1):  Bill Sentman:

 Diane Travis, President; Jim Reiman, District Director;  Annease Comer, ABA; Guest:  Pat London


The meeting began at 5:30 PM with President Diane Travis presiding.


SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the May 6, 2006,  meeting  were mailed to the representatives.  (Copy attached)  Bob Lyon stated that the sentence concerning his replacement of Jim Reiman as Tournament Coordinator should state that he will take over this position as soon as possible.  The correction was made.  Beth Reid moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the minutes be approved as amended.  Passed unanimously.  Nancy Sachs asked for additions/corrections to the list of members of the Board of Directors and their e-mail addresses. (Copy attached)


TREASURER’S REPORT    Bob Lyon, reporting for Treasurer, John Hinton distributed the Financial Reports. We have a profit of $3405.99, which does not include the $1150 owed from various units. Cincinnati has not paid the $.40 per table plus $250 for their May Regional.  John has not received the information on payments for meals for the May Board Meeting.  Patti English will contact the Cincinnati Treasurer and see that payment is made and the information about the meals sent to John Hinton.  Diane Travis reminded all the units that it is their responsibility to get this information to the Treasurer on the last day of the tournament.  Our Treasurer should not be a Collection Agent.  Bob Lyon also distributed the GNT Financial Report.  Nancy Sachs moved and Jill Ohlson move that the reports be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.  (Copies attached)  John needs the names of the teams who participated but did not get partial reimbursement.  Beth Reid will send him the names and addresses. 


MIDWEST  MONITOR     Betty Mattison reported that the publication is running smoothly. 


AMERICAN BRIDGE ASSOCIATION    Annease Comer reported that the ACBL/ABA Unity Game was very successful in terms of attendance and goodwill.  The results are on the Web Site.  There were 867 tables in Flight A and 570 tables in Flight B.  


TOURNAMENT  REPORT   Jim Reiman distributed copies of the 2006, 2007, 2008 Tournament Schedules.  (Copies attached)  Jim Reiman reported that there are no changes in 2006.  In 2007 the August 12 Sectional  in Huntington will be moved to Charleston.  Richard Cornett will notify Jim with the final day for the Unit 193 Sectional in October 2007.  In 2008 the Columbus Sectional will be moved to June 1 or May 25.  Jim will be notified.  All the  Regionals are sanctioned.  Jim sent out reminders to each unit about the sectional sanctions.  Bob Sulgrove asked if STaC’s and Progressive Sectionals are exempt from the mileage between tournaments restriction.  They are exempt.  District 11 has been awarded the Spring 2011 NABC to be held in Louisville.  Betty Mattison and Beth Reid will be working on this and will need cooperation from all the units.  A decision must be made about a possible surcharge for this tournament.  Mark Bullimore reported that attendance at our tournaments is down because of the close proximity of other districts’ tournaments.  We have traditional dates for sectionals.


GNT/NAP   Betty Mattison stated that there have been some minor changes in the ACBL Conditions of Contest and urged all chairmen to review the Conditions. Every team will be playing all day Saturday in the District Finals.  Some teams will have to play on Sunday also. She reported that our Super Flight Team had a medical emergency and did not participate in the finals.  A discussion followed. This happened once before at the finals of the NAP.  Bob Sulgrove moved and Richard Cornett seconded that any team that does not give 30 days notice that they will not attend will be barred from the event the following year.  Appeals to the District 11 board will be allowed in extreme emergency.  Passed  unanimously.  At the District Finals of the GNT and NAP Betty Mattison and Beth Reid will distribute a notice it to each winning player. This will include instructions for handling substitutions, augmentations, and cancellations.  Each Unit must have at least one qualifying game.  It was reported that the Dayton Unit had not done this.  Bob Sulgrove will take of this.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE.   Mark Bullimore presented the slate of officers:  President - Bob Sulgrove, Vice President - Betty Mattison.  There were no other nominations. Elected by acclimation.

Mark Bullimore suggested that the members of the Nominating Committee not include someone who will be running for office.   Nancy Sachs explained that the list of officers and committee chairmen must be completed and sent to the ACBL.  She gave the form to Bob Sulgrove and will work with him and send the list to the ACBL.  Bob will notify the members of our Board for approval. 



Membership Allocation has been deferred to the next meeting.

Web Site.  Bob Sulgrove and Potter Orr have been unable to get the Web Site working.  Hopefully this will be taken care of soon.

Officer Reimbursement.  Patti English reported that she contacted 14 districts and received replies from eight.  All the districts, except ours, reimburse their officers in some ways.  A discussion followed.  Mark Bullimore moved and Terry Parker seconded that the Unit hosting the Regional gives free plays to the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer the day of the district meeting.  The motion passed with 10 ayes, 3 nays, and the remainder abstaining.  Terry Parker moved and Beth Reid seconded that the District compensate the officers for mileage at the IRS charitable rate. The motion was defeated with 5 ayes, 6 nayes and the remainder abstaining.



Board of Governors.  Nancy Sachs reported that Lenore Smart and Joyce Penn petitioned for reelection to the Board or Governors.  Ray Andersen did not petition and we need to appoint a third representative.   Nancy Sachs moved and Betty Mattison seconded that Bill Sentman be appointed.  Passed unanimously.

District and Officers Liability Insurance.  Jim Reiman reported that the ACBL purchased a Directors and Officers Insurance policy that will protect the ACBL, the District, and Units.  Jim Reiman will send the form to all the units before the August 10 deadline.  Jill Ohlson moved and Mattt Heuser seconded that our District participate in this.   Passed unanimously.


            The next meeting will be held at the Louisville/Lexington Regional,  November 11, 2006.


Linda Rice moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:20 PM


Respectfully submitted,



  Nancy Sachs, Secretary