Board Meeting Agenda

Saturday, August 7, 2004
After 10:30 Session
Dayton, Ohio


Call to Order

Secretary's Report - Nancy Sachs

Treasurer's Report - John Hinton

Election of Officers - Jim Cunningham

Tournament Coordinator's Report - Jim Reiman

Midwest Monitor - Betty Mattison

ABA Report - Annease Comer

STAC Tournaments - Carolyn Ahlert

GNT/NAP - Diane Travis

Old Business

  Recommendations for Goodwill and Charity Committees

  Cincinnati Regional

  Second Alternate Replacement

  Transfers from Unit 124 to Unit 164

New Business

  Replacement Procedures for District Director

  GNT Funding

  Resource pooling within District for Regional advertising and mailings.


Reservations required by 7-19-04

Last Updated: July 20, 2004