Board Minutes

August 2, 2003
Dayton, Ohio

Attendance -18

Unit 117 (2): Betty Mattison

Unit 122 (2): Jim Bachelder, Mark Bullimore

Unit 124 (2): Diane Travis, Carolyn Ahlert

Unit 130 (3): Jim Cunningham, Bob Lyon

Unit 136 (2): Dallas Moore, Bill Schleman

Unit 164 (2): Jill Ohlson. Matt Heuser

Unit 193 (1):

Unit 227 (1): Mary Boyd

Also present: Bob Stitt, President
                     Nancy Sachs, Secretary
                     Annease Comer, ABA
                     Henry Cukoff, ACBL
                     Jim Reiman, District Director
                     John Beach, WebMaster

The meeting began at 5:45 P.M. with Robert Stitt presiding.

SECRETARY'S REPORT. The minutes of the May 3, 2002, Regional meeting were mailed to all members. Diane Travis moved and Dallas Moore seconded that the minutes be approved as written.. Passed unanimously. Nancy Sachs asked for additions or corrections to the list of e-mail addresses and representatives.

TREASURER'S REPORT. Bob Lyon reported for Treasurer John Hinton who was unable to attend the meeting. The treasurer's report was distributed. The account balance is $17,510.07. All bills have been paid with the exception of the Ft. Wayne Regional ad and the Pine Mountain Sectional ad. The meeting meals have all been paid. $360.00 has been collected to purchase two clocks for the tournaments. Nancy Sachs will find out where to order the clocks and Betty Mattison will order them before the Louisville Regional. John Hinton was thanked for his excellent work.

MIDWEST MONITOR. Betty Mattison reported that no matter what method we use, the costs will be the same next year. The deadline is very tight. Mary Boyd suggested that we include a postcard asking members to indicate if they do not want to receive the Monitor. Betty said that it was not possible because the ACBL sends the list to the printer the week before it is sent. The next deadline is August 30. We need to continue to print the Monitor to publicize our tournaments at a reasonble cost. We will not increase any dues or fees at this time. If needed, we will transfer funds to the Monitor fund.

ABA Report. Annease Comer asked that we attempt to have more joint ABA-ACBL events. She inquired about awarding silver points for joint sectionals. Jim Reiman believes this is not possible. Jim will inquire if the ABA games could be included in our STAC's.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR. Jim Reiman reported that the ACBL will be awarding regional silver points at sectionals for a new event to help fund money for international competition. The Board is working on changes to the NAOP and GNT events.

TOURNAMENTS. Jim Reiman, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the schedules for 2004 and 2005. We do not know if Middletown will be having a Sectional in 2004. ABA dates have been added. Date conflicts for tournaments were discussed. We cannot have two tournaments the same weekend unless special permission is received because of the distance between the sites. Columbus has permission to have a sectional opposite Owensboro the week of February 13 or April 10, 2005. West Lafayette is trying to find a date for a sectional. Carolyn Ahlert , Cincinnati STAC Chairman, reported that the recent STAC had 993 tables. There were some problems getting the scores reported because we had a director from Texas who had never run a STAC . ACBL assures us this will not happen again. Dallas Moore moved and Nancy Sachs seconded that we have two STAC's per year. One will be before the summer Nationals hosted by Cincinnati, and one will be in the winter hosted by Dayton. All units may participate and hopefully the ABA can be included. Passed unanimously. Cincinnati has a sanction for the week ending July 25, 2004, for a STAC. Dayton will get a sanction for a STAC the week ending January 25, 2004. This Regional is a huge success; we will have over 300 more tables than the last Dayton regional. The new times seem to be well received, and many people return for the 7:30 games. Henry Cukoff believes these times should be kept, but possibly allow more times between sessions. All the knockouts draw the biggest crowds. Mark Bullimore reported that next year's tournament schedule will be mostly the same with a few changes. He will put a questionnaire on the web site to get feedback on the events and times. A profit of $14,000 is anticipated. Bill Kolb and Mark Bullimore were thanked for their hard work and dedication. Betty Mattison reported that Louisville will be able to use Caesar's Palace for a tournament site. They want to use it for a regional, but one is not available until 2005. Louisivlle will try to use it for a sectional now to secure the site for the 2005 regional. Diane Travis requested permission to book the site for the Cincinnati Regional the first week in May through 2007. Dayton wishes to book their site for the Dayton\Columbus Regional the second week in August through 2007. Permission granted for both tournaments.

GNT / NAOP. The following dates for the GNT District competition were confirmed: Feb. 8, 2004, and Feb. 6, 2005, in Cincinnati.

OLD BUSINESS. The possibility of having the Bridge Pro Tour at one of our tournaments was discussed.

The next meeting will be between sessions on October 11, 2003, in Louisville. Jim Cunningham moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Z. Sachs, Secretary

Last Updated: October 15, 2003