Board Minutes

May 3, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio

Members Present -13; Attendance -21

Unit 117 (2): Betty Mattison

Unit 122 (2): Joyce Penn, Jim Bachelder

Unit 124 (2): Linda Wolber, Carolyn Ahlert

Unit 130 (3): Jim Cunningham, Bob Lyon

Unit 136 (2): Bob Stitt, Dallas Moore

Unit 164 (2): Richard Newtz, Matt Heuser

Unit 193 (1): Robert Tapp

Unit 227 (1): Bill Sentman

Also present: Nancy Sachs, Secretary;
                     Annease Comer, ABA;
                     Charlie McCracken, ACBL;
                     Henry Cukoff, ACBL;
                     Alvin Levy, ACBL President;
                     Jim Reiman, District Director;
                     John Beach, District Webmaster;
                     Jeanne Martin, Unit 122.

The meeting began at 5:15 P.M. with Robert Stitt presiding

SECRETARY'S REPORT. The minutes of the November 9, 2002 Regional meeting were mailed to all members. When possible the minutes and agendas are now being e-mailed. Jim Reiman noted a typo which was corrected. Richard Newtz moved and Betty Mattison seconded that the minutes be approved. Passed unanimously. Nancy Sachs distributed a list of the District Officers. She asked for additions or corrections to the list of e-mail addresses.

TREASURER'S REPORT. David Hall has resigned as treasurer. Bob Stitt appointed John Hinton for this position. This was approved unanimously by the members. Bob Lyons distributed the treasurer's reports for John Hinton. The account balance is $13,832.91. The Record of Bills Outstanding was discussed. Cincinnati has not been paid for the dinners at the November meeting. The information for billing the dinner meetings will be sent to John Hinton and he will pay the bills. Units were reminded of the $.40 per table regional fee.

NAOP & GNT. Dallas Moore moved and Bill Sentman seconded that we have GNT District Finals during the May 2004 Regional in Cincinnati. Passed unanimously.

MIDWEST MONITOR. Bob Lyon presented the treasurer's report. Because we are taking in an average of $2,735.30 per issue and paying out an average of $3,015.51 per issue; we should expect to lose approximately $280 per issue, or $1,120 per year. There are two methods (or a combination) we could use to offset this deficit: 1) Raise the amount charged to the units by $0.25 per year (which would generate $1,313 annually). Each unit would then pay $1.65 per member per year, other than the Northern Indiana Unit which would pay $1.25 per member per year. 2) Increase the cost of ads placed in the Monitor. Based on current revenue for ads we would need to increase the cost approximately 30%, which would increase the full page ad cost to $195; the half page ad cost to $130, and the quarter page ad cost to $110. Betty Mattison will talk to the printer about the costs. She also suggested that we could publish the Monitor three times a year rather than four. The units were asked to talk to their Board of Directors for imput. Sending the Monitor by e-mail or mailing in bulk to the units for distribution was also discussed. The final decison will be made at the next district meeting. ABA Report. Annease Comer reported that she is the national ABA-ACBL liason. She welcomes ideas for combined events. They will be having a tournament June 13-15 in Cincinnati at their clubhouse. They will also be having a national tournament in Indianapolis. The ABA was honored to have Alvin Levy, ACBL President, attend a recent tournament.

TOURNAMENTS. Jim Reiman, Tournament Coordinator, distributed the schedules for 2003, 2004, and 2005. All units were reminded of the sanction deadlines. STAC Tournaments were discussed. The larger cities favor these tournaments; but they are not well received in the smaller towns. Robert Tapp from Madisonville, KY stated that in his area the fellowship of the sectional tournaments is very important. Bill Sentman said that in the Appalachian Unit, Sectionals rather than STAC's are important. Cincinnati had 880 tables at their last STAC. Dallas Moore recommended that units think about what is best for the district as a whole. He also noted that we have too many tournaments. Jim Cunningham recommended that all participating units notify their clubs about the STAC's. Cincinnati STAC Chairman, Carolyn Ahlert, said she had obtained a list of contacts for all the clubs. At our next meeting a final decision about the STAC's will be made. Betty Mattison is attempting to hold the Louisville Regional at Caesar's Palace rather than the Galt House.

NEW BUSINESS. Jim Reiman recommended we have a policy about the Mid-Chart conventions permitted at our tournaments. Henry Cukoff recommended that we follow the National Conditions of Contest. Joyce Penn moved and Linda Wolber seconded that we follow these guidelines for our regionals, and the host cities set the guidlines for the sectionals. Passed unanimously. Bob Stitt stated that we need to purchase a new digital clock to replace a broken one. Jim Bachelder moved and John Beach seconded that in order to cover the cost, each unit contribute $45 and the district contribute $45. John Beach is setting up the district website and he asked that information for the site be sent to him.. The address is: Richard Newtz moved and Betty Mattison seconded that we pay John $100 per year for this service. Passed unanimously. All but three units in our district have websites. Jim Bachelder recommended that at our regionals we have a cell phone penalty and enforce it. He moved that there be a 3 IMP or matchpoint penalty for a cell phone ringing and a 6 IMP or matchpoint penalty for answering it. Seconded by Bill Sentman. Passed unanimously. The Bridge Pro Tour was discussed and it will be decided at the next meeting if we wish to participate. Jim Cunningham reminded the units to submit names for Appeals Committees.

Bob Stitt thanked ACBL President Alvin Levy for attending our meeting. One of Mr. Levy's main interests is promoting bridge in schools. Anyone interested in helping with this should contact him. Chess has been successful in doing this and bridge should be also. He said that Jim Reiman, our District Director, is a great asset to the ACBL.

The next meeting will be between sessions on August 2, 2003, in Dayton. Jim Cunningham moved and Matt Heuser seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Passed unamimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Z. Sachs, Secretary

Last Updated: August 8, 2003