District 11 - ACBL
Board of Directors Meeting
June 8,2013 at Cincinnati Regional
Attendance: 21
Unit 117: John Van Cleave                                        Unit 136: Lori Harner, Donna Moore
Unit 122: Larry Jones, Anita Torrence                       Unit 164: Terrell Holt, Susan Bullard
Unit 124: Barbara Levinson                                       Unit 130: Judy Drejer
Unit 227:                                                                    Unit 193: Dari Mills, Marion Thornton
Also Present:  Bill Sentman, President;  Georgia Banzinger, Vice-President;  Cheryl Schneider, Secretary; Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer;  Beth Reid, District Director; Robert Hartman, ACBL CEO;  Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor;  A. J. Stephani, Tournament Coordinator;  Potter Orr, Web Master; and Ryan Schulz.
The meeting was called to order by President Bill Sentman.  Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and to please sign the attendance sheet.  Our special Guest, ACBL CEO, Robert Hartman was introduced and welcomed. 
Secretary’s Report:
The minutes from both the November meeting and the March meeting were approved.
We will try to e-mail the minutes to members as well as put them on the web site. It was pointed out that each individual unit is charged for their voting members dinners, so please indicate your unit on the attendance sheet. 
Treasurer’s Report:
Adrienne Netherwood presented the report.  Total cash balance is $26, 811.57.  $639.75 is the checking account balance for the Midwest Monitor.  $17,000 is earmarked for a future NABC held in District 11.  $2,116 is earmarked for ACBL Grass Roots.  We received $2,116 for Grass Roots and $536 from Indianapolis for Regional table fees.  We transferred $1000 to Midwest Monitor, Paid $337.05 for meals at the Indianapolis Regional and $200 to the 3rd place NAP Flight C pair.  The report was approved unanimously.
 Midwest Monitor:
Brad Bartol reported that the last issue of the Monitor lost a little over $500.  He presented some ideas for making the publication more self supporting.  We could get another sanction for a STaC.  Cancel the January issue.  Increase the STaC fee.  Charge Unit 154 more for their participation.  Terrell Holt suggested that the report be done all electronically and make unit Presidents responsible for copying the report for those unable to view them on line.  A discussion of the pros and cons of this ensued. It was thought a committee should be formed to look into these options.
Tournament Coordinator’s: Report
The Louisville/Lexington Regional has been moved back to the casino through 2016.  A problem with the Ramada Inn helped make this decision.  The $3500 deposit with them is still in question and will be handled within the unit.
The site for the Indianapolis Regional is still in question.
A.J. Brought to our attention that many of the bidding box cards are in need of replacement one club cards and pass cards.  Terrell Holt moved and Judy Drejer seconded that A.J. Purchase the 360 one club and pass cards needed.  Passed unanimously.
Dayton will take the bidding boxes with them tomorrow to be stored for the next Regional.
Bill Sentman reminded everyone to please get their sanctions early.
GNT NAP Coordinator’s Report:
Larry Jones reported that he attended a good meeting in St. Louis concerning these events.
The District NAP event will be held Oct. 19-20 at the Cincinnati Bridge Center. He is preparing the ads for this event.
Larry would like to see a copy of the conditions of contest for these events.  If we have none then it defaults to the ACBL rules. 
The next topic for discussion was the distribution of the new Grass Roots money and how it would be distributed.  We will keep in mind the cost of attending these events including whether or not a flight might be necessary to attend.
Dayton/Columbus Regional;
Georgia and Cheryl reported they are planning on making some changes to the hospitality in Dayton to ensure those participating in the two session events are rewarded. 
There being no more business the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Schneider
Recording Secretary