District 11 - ACBL
Board of Directors Meeting
November 10,2012 at Louisville-Lexington Regional
Attendance: 22
Unit 117: Gary Peterson, Veana Goldberg   Unit136: Steve Forsythe, Janis Gimbrone
Unit 122: Larry Jones                                  Unit 164: Susan Bullard, Terrell Holt
Unit 124: Barbara Levinson, Mike Purcell   Unit 130:
Unit 227:                                                     Unit 193: Ron Sievers, John Lawler
Also present:  Bill Sentman, President; Georgia Banzinger, Vice President; Cheryl Schneider, Secretary; Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer; Beth Reid, District Director; Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor; Anita torrence, Ethics Chairman; Sondra Holt, Tournament Coordinator; Hannah Davis, Tournament Coordinator; Dallas Moore, Education; A.J. Stephani, Tournament Coordinator.
The meeting was called to order by Bill Sentman.  Everyone introduced themselves at his request.  He then announced Cheryl Schneider would be the new secretary.
Secretary’s Report:
It was requested that everyone sign the attendance sheet.  The minutes had been e-mailed to all prior to the meeting.  Terrell Holt requested that the spelling of his name be corrected.  With that correction, Larry Jones moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the minutes be approved.  Passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report:
Adrienne Netherwood distributed the Treasurer’s Report.  Total cash balance is $23,342.67.  $1,020.13 is the Midwest Monitor checking balance and $17,000 is earmarked for future NABC within District 11.  We received $624.12 for meals reimbursements. Disbursements were $1,000 to GNT team, $443. 74 for Meal expense at Dayton Regional, $47.29 for fuel reimbursement to Louisville, and $25.00 to the State of Ohio.  Larry Jones moved and Anita Torrence seconded that the report be approved as written.  Passes unanimously.
District Director’s Report:
Beth had no real new report since there had not been a national held since the last meeting.  However she did comment on the fact that she had received some complaints about STaC Directors not being eligible for overall awards. She does not see any reason to revisit the issue at this time.
Tournament Coordinators Report:
A.J. Stephani reported he likes the plan of distributing our calendar along with the minutes but said he would be happy to provide them to anyone that requested them at an earlier time.
Cincinnati has agreed to split their 2015 Regional with Evansville and Evansville has accepted. 
The conflict with the Dayton/Columbus Regional and the Fort Wayne Regional for 2013 has been remedied.  Fort Wayne has moved their date.
The Louisville/Lexington venue problem has been solved by agreeing to hold the regional at the Ramada Inn off Hurstbourne Road one year and at the casino the  next through 2015. All those involved will be listening to the players opinions during this time.
The Cincinnati and Toledo conflict is still unresolved.  Toledo has decided to take the issue to arbitration.  Based on the rules and regulations governing sanction applications, A.J. Is confident the board will rule in our favor. 
The subject was now brought up about the strats for A/AX events at the Dayton/Columbus Regional.  They need to be changed.  After some discussion it was moved by Susan Bullard and seconded by Brad Bartol that 2500 be the lower limit in a stratified game when the Gold Rush Pairs are also being run.  Motion passed unanimously.
Midwest Monitor Report:
Brad requested that all articles be sent to him in a timely fashion.
He reported he was considering changing the size to 81/2 by 11 because there would be more room for reporting as well as ads.  It would also make it possible to have an electronic version available for the I-pad. 
He made note of the fact that Northern Indiana which pays only half our regular fee to be included in our publication seems to have lots of pages.
GNT/NAP Coordinator’s Report:
Kit Overpeck has resigned from the board so we will be looking for a replacement.
The GNT qualifier is scheduled to be held in January in Dayton.  The qualifying sessions will be held on Saturday with the finals on Sunday.
There was a discussion about the times for the GNP pairs qualifier.  Starting too early would be difficult for those out of town  and yet if it was played later then it might necessitate the out of town players to spend the night.  It was suggested that if they were trying to hold three sessions at the sectional they might consider 10, 2:30 and 7:30.  This might solve both problems.
Dallas Moore and Mike Purcell presented a program called Learn Bridge in a Day.  The program can be purchased for $150.00 per year.  It is a one day workshop that has been successful when there is a good coordinator and the membership at the club does a good job recruiting.  It should be followed up with a plan to offer a new game and classes as well as a guaranteed partner. 
Old Business:
A discussion was held regarding the Evansville split regionals in the future.  Evansville reported that they had 432 tables and their regional and that 237 tables were from their unit. It was suggested that Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati take the issue to their own boards and report back at the next meeting. We seem to need to gather more information to make a good decision.
It was noted that the Louisville/Lexington Regional was already up 121 tables.
There being no more business Terrell Holt moved and Veana Goldberg seconded that the meeting be adjourned. 
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Schneider
Recording Secretary