District 11 -ACBL
Board of Directors Meeting
August 4, 2012 at Dayton Columbus Regional
Attendance - 20
Unit 117: Vangie Smith                                                                Unit 136: Steve Forsythe, Jan Gimbrone
Unit 122: Suman Agarwal,Cheryl Schneider                            Unit 164: Terrell Holt, Susan Bullard
Unit 124: Barbara Lawson, Sonya Wilson                 Unit 130: Maribeth Ransel
Unit 227: Lynn Cundy                                                                 Unit 193:
Also present:  Bill Sentman, President; Georgia Banzinger, Vice President; Nancy Sachs, Secretary; Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer;  Beth Reid, District Director; A.J. Stephani, Tournament Coordinator; Kit Overpeck, NAP/GNT Chairman; Dallas Moore, Education Chairman; Ken Van Cleve, Director in Charge.
The meeting was called to order by President Bill Sentman. Everyone introduced themselves at his request. The President noted that Unit 193 would not be represented at this meeting due to the split regional taking place.
Secretary’s Report:
It was requested that everyone sign the attendance sheet.  The minutes from the last meeting were posted on the District 11 Web site. Jan Grimbone moved and Terrence Holt seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously. 
Treasurer’s Report:
Adrienne Netherwood distributed the Treasurer’s Report.  Total cash balance is $24,081.16.  $886.71 of this total is the Midwest Monitor checking balance and $17,000 is earmarked for future NABC’s in District 11.  We received $688 from Cincinnati.  $3000 was awarded to our three GNT teams.  Meals for the Cincinnati Regional were $662.40.  It was moved and seconded that the report be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.
District Director’s Report;
Beth Reid talked about the Grass Root Fundraisers that can be held at any game during the month of December.  This revenue will be returned to the Districts to help support the NAP’s and GNT’s.
If you are a voting member of the Board of Governors and are not planning to attend the meeting in San Fransisco, you must have a signed proxy in order for your representative to vote.
She also reported that the ACBL is now searching for a new Director of Marketing.
Tournament Coordinator:
A.J. Reported that the scheduling for future events is going well.  He will ask Potter to send an updated list along with the minutes.  As always he will be glad to send anyone a list if it is requested.
Discussion began about the Evansville Split Regional. The consensus was that a Split Regional does seem to have an effect on attendance.  A motion was made by Georgia Banzinger and seconded by Suman Agarwal that if Evansville hosts a regional in 2015, it will not be in conjunction with the Dayton/Columbus Regional. Passed unanimously.
A.J. Reported that the Cincinnati Regional has been moved to the first week in June.  This was accomplished with the cooperation of both Indianapolis and Columbus.
Fort Wayne has recently applied for their Regional Sanction that coincides with that of next years Dayton/Columbus Regional.  Contact has been made with them and since they applied months after us they are attempting to change their date.
Cincinnati is considering a change of times for their 2013 Fall Sectional to 10:30 and 2:00.  This would mean the times for the NAP events would also change.
Terrence Holt began a report on the location question of the Louisville/Lexington Regional.  He reported that many of the complaints about the location have been addressed.  The new smoking laws of Indiana will prohibit smoking in the common area outside of the playing area.  There were complaints about the lack of hospitality and he pointed out that they did have one evening of hospitality last year.  Many local players have complained about the drive to the venue the Louisville unit is considering providing a shuttle for those players to avoid late night driving.
At present there is a contract with the casino through 2015 but it can be corrected.  This year will definitely be at the casino.  Lexington and Louisville at present are having difficulty deciding on an alternate site.  The Ramada Inn being considered is not acceptable to all concerned.  It was pointed out that the sanctions for all regionals belong to the district and if they can  not come to an agreement then the District will decide.  A motion was made by Terrell Holt and seconded by Steve Forsythe to have Bille Sentman send a letter to Louisville explaining the situation.

Director in Charge:

Ken Van Cleve was here to give some opinions on scheduling.  He stated that having Flight A at 3000 was to high and should probably be 2000.  The new and popular Gold Rush Pairs should not be held everyday and are best planned for the days when no new KO is starting.  Georgia and Cheryl were very interested in his thoughts and will have a plan for changes at the next meeting.
Election of President and Vice President:
Terrell Holt nominated Bill Sentman for another term as President.  It was seconded and there being no other nominations it was passed by acclamation.
Susan Bullard nominated Georgia Banzinger for Vice President  It was seconded by Terrell Holt and there being no more nominations it was passed by acclamation.
Midwest Monitor:
Cheryl Schneider reporting for Brad Bartol passed out a summary sheet for the financials of the Midwest Monitor.  It was noted that when we added four more pages to the Monitor the cost was far more than expected because of the way printing processes work.  We will not be doing that again because of the expense.
The sanction for the STaC held as a fundraiser for the Midwest Monitor between Christmas and New Year has been applied for and granted.
There being no more business, Terrell Holt moved and Georgia Banzinger seconded that the meeting be adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Schneider
Recording Secretary