Indianapolis Regional     March 12, 2012

Attendance - 20

Unit 117:  Gary Peterson                                           Unit 136:  Jan Gimbrone, Joan Reeves

Unit 122:  Larry Jones, Doug Millsap                       Unit 164:  Sondra Holt, Terrell Holt

Unit 124:  Cordell Coy, Barb Levinson                     Unit 130:   Judy Drejer, Maribeth  Ransel                        

Unit 227:  Sarah Sentman                                          Unit 193:  Ron Sievers

Also present:   President  Bill Sentman;  Nancy Sachs, Secretary; Adrienne Netherwood, Treasurer;  Tournament Coordinator, A. J. Stephani;  Christopher Overpeck,  NAP/GNT Chairman;  Brad Bartol, Midwest Monitor  Editor;  Potter  Orr , Recorder and Webmaster

The meeting began at 5:50 PM with President Bill Sentman  presiding.  He asked that everyone introduce themselves. 

SECRETARY’S REPORT    The minutes of the last meeting are posted on the District 11 Web Site. (Copy attached)   Larry Jones moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Passed unanimously   Nancy Sachs asked that everyone keep Potter Orr posted on changes to the mailing list.

TREASURER’S  REPORT.   Adrienne Netherwood distributed the Treasurer’s Report. (Copy attached). The current balance is $30,927.96;  $ 4481.10 of this is the Midwest Monitor balance, of which $17,000 is earmarked for future NABC’s  within District 11.  Terrell Holt moved and Barb Levinson seconded that the report be approved as written.  Passed unanimously.

DISTRICT  DIRECTOR’S  REPORT   Beth Reid posted her report from the NABC on the District Web site.  She sent her report to the unit presidents, who should be responsible for getting this report to their Boards.   

 MIDWEST MONITOR   Brad Bartol, Editor,  distributed  his holiday STaC  report  (Copy attached).  He ran this for the benefit of the Monitor.  One game did not pay their fees; this will be taken care of by the Unit.  Also, a few either over or under paid.  A game that overpaid will have a credit toward the next Monitor STaC.  The fee was $5.00 per table.  There were 105 games and 932 tables. The amount that should have been paid was $4,600.00. The amount actually paid was $4,582.50.  We made a profit and felt it was a successful event, and should be continued next year.  Terrell Holt moved and Judy Drejer seconded that Brad run this event next year for the benefit of the Midwest Monitor. Passed unanimously.

TOURNAMENT REPORT    Tournament Coordinator, A. J. Stephani, distributed  a Report and the  2012  Schedule.  (Copy attached)   He will send the other schedules to Potter for distributions.  The dates were reviewed.  Louisville and Lexington want to move the venue from the Horseshoe Casino.  They have been looking at other possible sites, but have not been able to agree on one at this time.  They will continue to look at other venues, make a decision, and report on this at the next board meeting.   There is a conflict in 2016 between the Lexington Sectional and the Cincinnati Regional.  Lexington wants to keep their traditional weekend May 13-15; Cincinnati does not want to have their Regional on the traditional weekend that year, because it is the same weekend as Derby Day and Mother’s Day.  Other possible dates were discussed; the Regional should be in the second quarter.  The district’s policy is to have one regional each quarter.  Cordell Coy will check into available dates for the venue in June of 2016 in Cincinnati.  The Board appeared to be receptive to the idea of moving the Cincinnati Regional to a June time slot.  If this occurred, Indianapolis expressed interest in moving their early March Regional forward to maintain the current stagger between their Regional and the Cincinnati Regional. There is also a conflict in 2015 between the Dayton/Columbus  Regional and the Evansville Sectional.  This will not be a problem if they split the Regional with the Southern Indiana Unit.   Terrell Holt stated that the Southern Indiana wishes to split the regional every three years.  Hopefully the conflicts will be resolved before the next Board Meeting.  The Units involved will report at that time.   A. J. Stephani reminded the Units that changes to the existing sanctions should be made through him.

 NAP/GNT      District Chairman, Kit Overpeck, reported that the hosts for the GNT Finals will be Dayton in 2013 and Lexington in 2014.  The host for 2015 has not been determined.  The possibility of changing the starting times was discussed.  The possibility of having the different flights on different weekends was discussed.  In the past the Board decided that it was too difficult to find more available weekends, and the attendance does not warrant it.   Potter Orr, Cincinnati, asked that different starting times for the NAP Final be discussed.  It was suggested that this year we keep the 1:00 and 7:00 starting times, and ask the participants for their opinions regarding this issue.


Education Chairman:  Bill Sentman appointed Dallas Moore to this position.


It was noted that the District needs to purchase some new bidding boxes and new cards for some of the boxes we have.  Maribeth Ransel moved and  Potter Orr seconded that we make this purchase.  Passed unanimously. Gary Peterson will take care of this and bring the boxes to the Cincinnati Regional.

Jan Gimbrone asked about a list of names and addresses for mailing the flyers for distribution.  Terrell Holt has an updated list for Unit 164 clubs which he can mail to anyone who wants it.

Potter Orr announced that the new President of the ACBL will be coming to the Cincinnati Regional and hopefully will attend our Board Meeting.

Maribeth Ransel will send Adrienne Netherwood the names of the people who made reservations and did not attend.  There were 22 reservations and 20 people  in attendance.

The next meeting will be at the Cincinnati Regional between sessions on Friday, May 12, 2012.

 Ron Sievers moved and Terrell Holt seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 7:00 PM.  Passed unanimously.


 Respectfully submitted, 

Nancy Z. Sachs

                                                                     Recording Secretary