updated 21 Dec 2023

District 11 provides this listing of ACBL announcements about bridge rules, organization policy, and general information useful to our
members.  This does not list policy changes in Board Minutes, or announcements about events or promotions limited by date.
Please see the ACBL website for those.

Dec 20, 2023 Updated Cooperative Advertising Program - must require students to become Gest Members (Free). 
May 23, 2023 Updated Vaccination Policy - starting with Atlanta NABC in November 2023 Covid-19 Vaccination proof will no longer be required.  Chicago SUmmer NABC 2023 will require proof of vaccination. 
March 30, 2023 Club Manager Update - regulations changes for VACB and in-person games. 
March 28, 2023 ACBL Guest Membership Poster - Download this poster from ACBL Marketing to promote ACBL membership to all newcomers.  Post it in your club or class room.   Poster
March 23, 2023 District Disciplinary Procedures and Club Barrings  - From Jeffrey Edelstein, National Recorder.

Dealing with District Disciplinary Matters
Club Discipline Regulation
(effective January 1, 2020)
Extended Barring Form
Club Barring Form
Unit Sponsored Club Barring Form
March 14, 2023 CHANGE IN COVID VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS - Effective May 15, 2023, tournament sponsors will be responsible for deciding whether Covid-19 vaccination is required for their tournaments. This is per a decision made by the ACBL Board of Directors. Please ensure your vaccination policy is clearly stated on your tournament flier and that you have given a copy of this flier to Bridge Administration for the ACBL website.  The ACBL will continue to require Covid-19 vaccinations at the NABCs. A new member survey will be offered in April.
(March 14, 2023 eMail).
March 1, 2023 New ACBL Convention Charts
March 1, 2021 Online Conditions of Contest - Appendix O
January 11, 2023 ACBL Introduces LOCAL SECTIONALS - These tournaments replace the previous "downgraded" sectionals. Local Sectionals award Masterpoints at full Sectional Rating; the points are 80% Silver and 20% Black.  Local Sectionals may be run by a certified Club Director or Tournament Assistant. This makes a small sectional tournament more affordable by eliminating (large) fees for ACBL Directors.  There are additional limitations. ... READ MORE
December 30, 2022 ACBL Covid Protocols for National, Regional, and Sectional Tournaments
November 2021 New ACBL Convention Card
Download the new card format in a .pdf template that you can fill out on your computer and print for use. 
Help with convention cards.
November 8, 2020 New ACBL Alert Procedures
Scam Alert Scam Alert - How to handle phishing emails.