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Posted to the District 11 Website on Friday June 10, 2016

Information provided by A. Beth Reid, ACBL Board of Directors, District 11


Dear ACBL Board of Directors,

I wanted to make you aware of several enormous endeavors the Marketing Department has recently implemented. Not only do we all need to know what they are, but also we need to understand the purpose behind them. Most of them are not matters you will likely be engaged directly in, but they are extremely valuable in all our goals of growing the game through participation and membership.


Darbi Padbury has done an outstanding job leading these efforts. The cross-functioning team included significant work by Tracey Yarbro, Liza Frisbie, Bryan Delfs, Stephanie Threlkeld and Gwynn Garthright as well as extensive collaboration with IT, Clubs & Membership and Editorial. For all involved, I commend you on an outstanding job! 


Just Play Bridge


It’s Your Call

·       On May 24, a new weekly subscription email using historic It’s Your Call columns was launched.

·       It’s Your Call was chosen because it is the post on Facebook that most engages players weekly.

·       The email gives subscribers the weekly It’s Your Call along with a link to read the complete expert answer.

·       While all members and non-members alike have the opportunity to subscribe to the email, a few select groups from the prospective member database were automatically subscribed.

·       90 users have subscribed to the email, largely driven from the ACBL’s Facebook post letting followers know they can receive It’s Your Call. Of this group, 30% are not opted into any other ACBL email lists, indicating they are likely non-members. Data is currently being cross-referenced, and non-members will be added to the prospective member database. This is an ongoing process.

·       Learn Bridge in A Day? participants were automatically subscribed (approximately 900 non-members) and all members who lapsed in 2015 with an email address on file were also subscribed.

·       The open rate for this email is over 30%, which is very successful. Additionally, the click-through rate to the expert opinion was very high, with nearly 750 users choosing to take the next step.

·       From the lapsed member email, a total of 24 users renewed their membership.



·       The Marketing Department worked with MP&F to implement dashboard analytics software to better understand traffic on www.acbl.org.

·       The new dashboard attempts to segment member vs. non-member traffic and analyze the behavior of non-members with a goal of making recommendations for how this group can be better engaged and driven towards membership.

·       There is a full report of changes we could make, but one of the largest takeaways is that our website is not designed to be non-member friendly. Overall we need to create an environment that has a greater likelihood of encouraging prospective member traffic to become members and engage in playing bridge.


New Member Engagement Emails

·       Beginning in February 2016, a series of new member emails to better engage with first-year members was launched.

·       The goal is to build a stronger relationship on the front end with members, thus improving the retention rate of first-year members.

·       Each email focuses on a different area of membership, aimed at easing the new member through the first year. Topics include member benefits, learning opportunities, filling out a convention card, playing at the club, finding a partner, visiting a tournament, etc.

·       Another feature is a short lesson that links to the Learn To Play Bridge web app, so the skill can be practiced.

·       Each email also contains a membership-style question aimed at helping us better understand and serve new members.

·       By the end of the first year, members will have received a total of 12 emails, one per month.


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Alex Turner

Chief Marketing Officer


American Contract Bridge League

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ph: 662-253-3172

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