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    Midwest Monitor

    Lou-Lex Regional 20162016 ORLANDO NABC2016 Winter STaC2017 Indy Regional


    Congratulations -
    The District 11 Board of Directors recognize Ms. A. Beth Reid for her 9 years service to District 11 as the ACBL District 11 Director on the ACBL Board. We also recognize the 6 years service by Mrs. Adrienne Netherwood as Treasurer for the District. The Board also congratulates our newly elected Board Officials. Mr. Potter Orr will replace Mrs. Adrienne Netherwood as Treasurer. 3 incumbents were re-elected. Congratulations to all!

    Fall 2016 Board of Directors Motions - Orlando Meeting

    We congratulate the following members on their appointment to represent District 11:

    ACBL Goodwill Committee
    Jean Donoho, Louisville, KY
    Sandy and Dr. Aslam Siddiqui, Indianapolis, IN
    John Van Cleve, Louisville, KY

    ACBL Charity Committee
    William G. Lea, Jr. Evansville IN
    Judy Banks, Elizabethtown, KY

    D11 Board Meeting Minutes Updates:

    June 2016 Minutes - posted as amended in October.
    Draft October 2016 Minutes - posted prior to Board review in November.  The next District 11 Board of Directors Meeting is Saturday Evening November 12, 2016 at the Louisville - Lexington Regional. 
    D11 Standing Rules
    NFP Board Responsibilities
    NFP Board Legal Duties
    D11 Board Meeting Guidelines

    NLMs - Check out the opportunities for Under 750 MP Players at D11 Regionals.  Lou-Lex Regional U750 Opportunities
    October 2016 Midwest Monitor

    Congratulations to our District 11 North American Pair Qualifiers
    [ACBL Live]

    District 11 NAP Finals

    10/23/2016 Sunday A 11 am Summary Leaderboards Recaps Hands
    10/23/2016 Sunday A 4 pm Summary Overalls Recaps Hands
    10/23/2016 Sunday C 11 am Summary Leaderboards Recaps Hands
    10/23/2016 Sunday C 4 pm Summary Overalls Recaps Hands
    10/22/2016 Saturday B 12 pm Summary Leaderboards Recaps Hands
    10/22/2016 Saturday B 5 pm Summary Overalls Recaps Hands

    District 11 Qualifiers

    24.00 Gold A1 381.99 Russell Shoup Dayton, OH Scott Gates Miamisburg, OH
    18.00 Gold A2 374.47 Peter Whipple Mason, OH Ryan Schultz Dayton, OH
    13.50 Gold A3 351.19 Cliff Pleatman Cincinnati, OH Bob Fisk Cincinnati, OH
    16.00 Gold B1 377.90 D Byrkett Oxford, OH P Byrkett Oxford, OH
    12.00 Gold B2 377.42 Mike Ma Cincinnati, OH Stephen Moese West Chester, OH
    9.00 Gold B3 355.21 Dennis Schultz Harrison, OH Larry Newman Cincinnati, OH
    6.75 Gold B4 353.77 Isaac Stephani Cincinnati, OH Tiberiu Ungureanu Columbus, OH
    10.00 G|R C1 381.54 Reeta Brendamour Cincinnati, OH Julian Kurtzman Cincinnati, OH
    7.50 G|R C2 372.62 Richard Loveland Powell, OH Daniel Loveland Powell, OH
    5.63 G|R C3 353.87 Kevin Henry Cincinnati, OH Ben Fisk Cincinnati, OH
    4.22 G|R C4 346.02 Mary Ann Kanervo Indianapolis, IN Maureen Clerkin Fishers, IN
    Check D11 NAP FAQ for photos and  details. 

    our newly elected Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors, succeeding Beth Reid. ACBL Announcement

    District 11 Proprieties & Ethics Handbook DRAFT.  A source for discussing the ethics and proprieties of bridge with everyone.  Please send comments for improvement to Steve Moese at moesefamily@aol.com

    ACBL Marketing Solutions by Pianola Offer - The service is a customized version of Pianola specifically for ACBL Units and Districts. The ACBL will provide the Service at no cost to Units and Districts for a free trial period of twenty-four (24) months.

    New ACBL Life Master Ranks
    are out - Check out all the changes at the ACBL Master Point Ranks Page

    A. Beth ReidDistrict 11 ACBL Director Report - A. Beth Reid: Summer 2016 Washington DC                     district11director@acbl.org
    The DC Committee, co-chaired by ACBL Board Member Margot Hennings and Susan Bowles and with a great team of local volunteers, put on a great NABC. The weather was brutal but the temp at the tables was fine.  My Dad and several other family members live in the area so I’m familiar with and love DC and was pleased to be able to visit. The first Saturday performance of the Capitol Steps was a true highlight…those people are totally hysterical—political laughs for those of every stripe. Congrats to all!     .MORE
    ACBL D11 Director Reports Archive

    District 11 Board of Governors Meeting Report - Steve Moese

    Rank Change Letters  - Beth Reid, our Disctict BoD Representative, asks new life masters from District 11 to share their stories about their recent rank promotion. These stories are updated often.   If you want to enjoy the thrill of accomplishment through other's experience, and learn more anout our District 11 members, read these letters! November 2015 to May 2016
    March 2014 to
    October 2015

    ACBLACBL Information
    ACBL Fees 2000 to present - by A. beth Reid at the June 2016 District 11 Board of Directors Meeting.
    ACBL 2015 Membership Data by District and Unit - This is the December 2015 Summary QUIP Report.
    Update from the ACBL Chief Marketing Officer - Alex Turner
    District 11 President's Memo to ACBL Board of Directors President, Mr. Ken Monzingo

    ACBL Board of Directors Motions for RENO NABC March 2016
    Board of Governor's Financial Report on the ACBL

    Recruiting New Bridge Players and ACBL Members - What works best? 
    ACBL Board of Governors D11 Meeting Summary Spring 2016 Reno (Steve Moese) - 1.4MB file


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    ABA Tournament Trail

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