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    Midwest Monitor

    FT Wayne RegionalLou Lex Regional 2015D11 NAP Finals2015 Denver NABC

    Congratulations District 11 2015 NABC Champions!
    Congratulations to the 2015 Wagar Women's KO Teams Champions: Pamela Granovetter, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina, captain Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum and JoAnna Stansby.
    Congratulations to the 2015 Grand National Teams Flight B Champs!
    Bob Fisk, Darin Campo, Peter Whipple, Ryan Schultz, John Meinking, and AJ Stephani

    Congratulations to Frank Trieber III and Diane Travis - 2015 0-10,000 NABC Pairs Champions!
    Monday August 10 NABC Daily Bulletin (Details)

    Click the icon at the left for the July 2015 Midwest Monitor.  5MB file.

    A. Beth ReidDistrict 11 ACBL Director Report - A. Beth Reid: Summer 2015 Chicago                     district11director@acbl.org
    The Chicago Committee, headed by ACBL Board Member and 2015 President Suzi Subeck, doing triple duty, ably assisted by husband Stan and a great team of Chicago volunteers put on a great NABC.  Table count was 13,685 up 5.3% over the estimated 13,000 and the second NABC in a row over estimate…despite a relatively high hotel rate.  Congrats to all!  I grew up (mostly) on the north shore of Chicago so had a great time revisiting the sites of my youth…especially the Art Institute and the glorious Lake Michigan.  The weather cooperated to make the ACBL’s return to Chicago after a long absence a great success.MORE
    ACBL D11 Director Reports Archive

    Rank Change Letters  - Beth Reid, our Disctict BoD Representative, asks new life masters from District 11 to share their stories about their recent rank promotion. These stories are updated often.   If you want to enjoy the thrill of accomplishment through other's experience, and learn more anout our District 11 members, read these letters! Updated May 2015

    Board of Governor's Meeting August 9, 2015

    Here is the official Chicago Board of Governors Report. Here are the Exhibits to the Board of Governors Meeting at the 2015 Chicago NABC.  This includes the President's, CEO and Finance reports, the report from the ACBL Legal Counsel, Motions decided in the Board of Directors meeting, and Board of Governor Motions for action. Motions from the floor are not included.  The ACBL Board of Governors serves as a liason between membership and the Board of Directors.  It is a forum for expression of membership opinion, and acts to identify issues and improve communication among Units and Districts.  See the ACBL Bylaws (page 23) for more details. 

    District 11 Representatives are: Joyce E Penn - Member, Stephen A Moese – Member,  A J Stephani - 1st Alternate, Cheryl L. Schneider -  2nd  Alternate.          

    Meeting Summaries are found in the Board of Governor's Meeting Minutes. Minutes are posted after Board review at the FOLLOWING meeting (So Chicago minutes will issue after Denver in December 2015).

    If you have a proposal for the ACBL please contact one of your District 11 Board of Governors Representatives to create a motion for the upcoming meeting in Denver.  Motions passed by the Board of Governors are presented to the Board of Directors for consideration. 

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