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    Midwest Monitor

    Chicago NABC Summer 2015Dayton Columbus Flying Buckeye RegionalFT Wayne RegionalLou Lex Regional 2015

    Here are the updated District 11 Bylaws and D11 Board minutes.  The June 2015 Board minutes DRAFT are subject to review and change by the Board in September 2015 before they are final.

    Congratulations to the Simson Team (Doug Simson-Jeff Aker, Marc Zwerling-Mark Tolliver, Jerry Clerkin-Dennis Clerkin) securing the USA2 slot for the 2015 Senior Bowl Competition.  Simson joins USA1 Milner (Reese Milner-Hemant Lall, Bob Hamman-Mark Lair, Michael Rosenberg-Zia Mahmood) in Chennai, India September 26 -  October 10,  2015.  D11 players were well represented.  The Simson team mounted a furoius last quarter flourish scoring 72-10 to win 228-174.  The Street Team (Paul Street-Marc Jacobus, Mike Passell-Eddie Wold, Bart Bramley-Lew Stansby) had just retaken the lead by 8 with one segment left 66-11. 
    Match Results.  Simson Team. 

    Click the icon at the left for the July 2015 Midwest Monitor.  5MB file.

    A. Beth ReidDistrict 11 ACBL Director Report - A. Beth Reid: Spring 2015 New Orleans                     district11director@acbl.org
    The Board voted unanimously to hold the Spring (March 19-29) 2020 NABC in Columbus! Thanks to all in Unit 122, especially Jim Bachelder, who worked so hard to bring this about. The Columbus Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel will be the playing sites and the Hyatt and Hilton the host hotels. As those of you who worked on the Louisville NABC in 2011 know, putting on this tournament is a LOT of work for all of us in the District to do it right, but as Louisville proved, we sure know how to do it. Most of the burden will fall on Unit 122 but we should all stand ready to help. I am so proud that the NABC is coming to our District only 9 years after the last visitMORE
    D11 Director Reports

    Rank Change Letters  - Beth Reid, our Disctict BoD Representative, asks new life masters from District 11 to share their stories about their recent rank promotion. These stories are updated often.   If you want to enjoy the thrill of accomplishment through other's experience, and learn more anout our District 11 members, read these letters! Updated 2/1/15

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